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Open 24/7 Armed Security Guard Services in Sandy Springs, Georgia

We are one of the most highly regarded armed security organizations in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and XPressGuards is owned by individuals who have previous experience working in law enforcement. We provide a vast array of security services across the country from our network of over 600 offices.

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Open 24/7 Armed Security Guard Services in Sandy Springs, Georgia

In Sandy Springs, Georgia, are you still seeking suitable armed security personnel? Armed security guards from XPressGuards are vital for protecting any location from robbery and other hazardous assaults. This will ensure that the paths leading to your business or home are safe and secure. In reality, our well-trained armed security personnel can respond to extraordinary occurrences, provide required support and assistance, and even catch dangerous criminals.

XPressGuards Armed Security in Sandy Springs, Georgia

XPressGuards is one of the country’s premier armed security guard companies. Chicago, Georgia is a global hub for corporations and other private entities requiring the best security services available. For a variety of reasons, individuals prefer XPressGuards security services to others that are available and even worldwide. We’ve designed a comprehensive security plan that combines traditional law enforcement with 24-hour security, which is one reason. By combining these two tremendous forces, we are in a position to provide the most comprehensive security service available.

What Are the Advantages of Employing an Armed Security Guard in Sandy Springs, Georgia?

You will have a number of alternatives when picking specialized protection services if you hire an armed security guard company in Sandy Springs, Georgia, which is one of the key benefits of doing so. For example, you may select unarmed security guards or armed guards with particular training for the position. Our unarmed security guards are able to carry out their duties in almost any situation, but they are not authorized to make arrests without the specific permission of a police officer. Armed guards may only make arrests where there is an urgent risk of bodily harm or when a person is operating a large or heavy vehicle that poses a physical threat.

Perhaps one of the best benefits of hiring armed security services from XPressGuards is that we partner with local, state, and federal law enforcement to give you with the safety and security you need onsite. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, our expert security guard services also include on-site drug detection and testing, so you can rest confident that none of your employees are bringing in illegal drugs. Other employee benefits include daily or weekly security updates and preventive safety measures.

Our Armed Guards on Duty Around-the-Clock in Sandy Springs, Georgia

24-hour armed security guards are frequently required. For this reason, our armed security guard company provides emergency dispatch services and on-site medical care to employees who are injured on the job. You may need to seek a substitute if a worker leaves due to a medical emergency. Our security guards in Sandy Springs, Georgia can assist in preventing employee injuries during emergency scenarios because they have years of experience providing 24-hour protection against disasters.

Our Armed Security Personnel Receive Training in Law Enforcement

Companies prefer to hire armed security guards from Sandy Springs, Georgia who are familiar with the local police force. Large organizations frequently position our armed security guards in risky situations where they must use a tremendous bit of fatal force to subdue hostile and threatening criminals. Injuries are all too often when business owners attempt to manage such situations on their own, and most employees wish they had known more about how to protect themselves and others in such situations. In many cases, huge corporations may have liability insurance and armed security guards, but they lack employees trained to respond to dangerous and violent situations.

A further advantage of hiring armed security professionals in Sandy Springs, Georgia is that you can always count on receiving exceptional customer care. Since the bulk of XPressGuards’ staff are former police officers and corrections officers, we should be easy to get along with. You may also anticipate very speedy service on-site, since our knowledgeable staff is adept at what they do. Numerous thieves target areas with a high concentration of 24-hour businesses, bars, stores, and other establishments. You must immediately contact the best armed security services in Sandy Springs, Georgia if you want to sleep easily at night knowing that your family or business is safe.

Why Should You Hire XPressGuards in Sandy Springs, Georgia for Your Armed Security Needs?

Without a doubt, you will obtain more than you anticipate. Our skilled armed security guards in Sandy Springs, Georgia are in constant contact with police officers and other emergency personnel, and we may assist in a variety of ways, including as monitoring security cameras and supplying information about the building’s security systems. This ensures that your building’s security is maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Armed security guards hold the greatest number of essential permits to carry a firearm on the job, which is excellent news if you want to feel safe while working. Moreover, our skilled armed security guards are well-versed in the use of body armor and other self-defense devices that are capable of thwarting even the most serious attacks. Contact us directly for additional details.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices are among the lowest in the country. We base our prices on a wide variety of considerations, including but not limited to:

  • How many guards you need?
  • How long you do you need the guards for?
  • Do you require armed or unarmed guards?

Call or message us now to get accurate pricing based on your needs.

More About Security Guard Pricing

Security guards are an integral part of many companies and organizations, essential for ensuring the safety of employees, customers, and proprietary information. Many businesses and people who are considering hiring security guards or a security team wonder how much it will cost.

As many may imagine, hiring a security guard or guards is not similar to purchasing items of clothing. There are a variety of factors that go into determining the cost of security teams, but each entity that hires security from XPressGuards receives individual, personalized consideration of their needs to determine a cost. These factors include, but are not limited to, the number of guards required, the surroundings’ or situation’s level of threat, size or duration of the job, location of the job, and time-frames or dates of the job.

Competitive Pricing & Multiple Locations 

XPressGuards does have the most competitive pricing in the security industry. For your convenience, we offer both “no contract” and “contract” security guard teams and base our prices on the specifics of your job requirements. The majority of our clients prefer non-contracted security guards due to easier payment plans and scheduling. There are numerous additional advantages to using XPressGuards.

We are a large, national security firm with over 600 offices spread across the country. This means that we can help with any job location and any size job. We have served over thirty-four hundred happy customers from all fifty states.

We can guarantee service from the East to the West Coast without overwhelming travel fees because of our numerous offices. If you’re looking for the best security service for the best price on the market, look no further than XPressGuards for all your security needs. Contact us now.


Security guards are often required to have a few different kinds of licenses, depending on the state in which they are hired and working. There are also insurance requirements for security guards, both armed and unarmed. When you hire a security guard team from XPressGuards, you can rest assured, knowing that all our guards are fully licensed and insured to meet all regulations in the state they are working in. This also includes all state-required training that is part of becoming a security guard; all our guards have extensive, expert-level training.

Security Guard Insurance

Our guards are insured with both professional and general liabilities, as well as coverage against crime, assault, battery, client property, and various other situations. Both XPressGuards as a company and all our employed guards individually are licensed and insured, meaning you can have great trust that our company is knowledgeable and can legally handle any situation you may require.

The business liability insurance covers our company so that we can best serve you. The licensing which our guards undergo also includes background screenings, fingerprinting, education hours, and mandated training sessions. All guards who are licensed have earned their licenses and are certified to be completely capable of full defense. Even guards who are not carrying firearms as weapons are required by the state to have training with other weapons, such as tasers, batons, or mace. Licenses are specific to the kind of education, training, and weaponry which the guard has had or carries.

Why Hire XPressGuards?

At XPressGuards, we go the extra mile to ensure that our employed guards’ licenses and insurances are always up to date. An uninsured guard or business could spell trouble for clients should any emergency situation take place, but our customers are our top priority. For this reason, XPressGuards guarantees that each of our guards is fully certified to best protect you, your family, your business, or any other needs you may have. Contact us now to get started.

Our security guards have extensive detailed duties to minimize the chances of crime. We guard against violence, theft, vandalism, arson, and any other illegal activity that would be a risk. Whether our guards are armed or unarmed, our security guards play a crucial role in the protection and safety of both businesses and the public.

Our security guards are vigilant and observant, often standing close to entrances or exits to monitor behavior and to watch for suspicious people or actives. Monitoring security surveillance and camera footage is also a common duty, as these are often vital to crime response and other operations.

Access Control

Do you have sensitive areas that require extra protection? Our security teams can patrol sensitive areas ensuring that only authorized personnel have access and that it’s kept fully secure. It’s not odd for our security to be in place to verify identification cards, badges, or other forms of entry for a business, event, or larger corporation. Our security guards maintain order and control of any given situation, regardless of size or activity.

Keep Security Logs

Aside from engaging with crime, patrolling against illegal activity, and detaining offenders or trespassers; our security guards or teams also write reports of any situations which they’re required to handle. Official documentation is an important, legal part of security protection. It also includes conducting interviews, taking statements, or interrogating either offenders, suspects, or witnesses to crimes or other situations that are under investigation.

Emergency Response

Emergency response is an often overlooked, yet extremely valuable component of our security guards. Aside from situations involving crime or disruption, there are also situations where an emergency response is required for medical emergencies or natural emergencies. Our security guards are trained to respond to these situations as well, providing assistance, protection, or calling for the proper assistance.

The duties of our security guards are extensive and often include other company-specific duties that are required. We’re highly-trained and ready to serve. Contact us now for more information.

When choosing a company to handle your security and protection, we are aware that there are several options at your disposal. However, at XPressGuards we’re the best company that can handle all of your security or bodyguard needs. Our business is set apart from our competitors in many areas that are highly influential, particularly our personal mission statement and our customer satisfaction rate.

It’s understandable that many companies requiring security are looking for great prices that come with fantastic service. At XPressGuards, we offer the lowest prices in the industry, all while offering the best security services. Our competitive pricing makes us the top choice for many companies. We are also a nationwide business with more than six hundred unique locations across the country. This means that, regardless of your location, we are able to work with you and offer our services.

More About XPressGuards

Our client base is made up of individuals from all fifty states. We have served more than thirty-four hundred satisfied clients, offering them peace of mind with our superior security offerings and widespread areas of coverage. XPressGuards prides itself on offering the best security and our number of happy customers keeps growing exponentially. Your business would be among numerous like-minded companies that have found the best in security for their businesses.

Professional Security Guard Services 

We have been offering our great security services for more than thirty years, handling our large client base in the midst of a changing digital age with excellence. Our services have been used by hundreds of large and small businesses, but we have even helped extensive corporations such as Fendi Casa, Burlington Coat Factory, and La Quinta Inn and Suites. XPressGuards has a diverse background in serving all sorts of companies, large and small, in any location, offering the best in price and quality. Contact us now.

Let us take care of your security needs and add your business to our ever-growing list of secure, protected clients. Contact us now.

No. We offer pay-as-you-go options, short term security guards and long term contracts if needed.

No Contract Security Guards 

There are a variety of different kinds of security guards; however, there is a significant distinction between “no contract” and “contract” security guards that can get a bit confusing. “No contract” security guards serve as a form of temporary protection, usually used for events that are only happening once or on occasions where a business is doing something unusual that warrants a little extra security. Typically, these are freelancing guards. They only sign up for one event (or one series of events); they are used to assist clients that do not require protection around the clock or are brought on in times of unexpected threats that need to be quelled.

“No contract” security guards are also referred to as temporary security guards, since they are not hired for long projects or for regular, warranted protection services. If you’re hosting an out-of-the-ordinary event or suddenly recognize a threat that is not normal, hiring a non-contract security service is a great option to ensure the safety of your business.

Contract Security Guards

In contrast, “contract” security guards are guards that are hired by the company on some sort of regular basis, if not around the clock. It could also be a long-term position. These guards are hired and subsequently employed by the corporation which they are protecting, rather than acting as a guest guard who likely works as a freelance guard. “Contract” security guards can also be called long-term security guards since they’re usually hired permanently or for projects that are extensive, requiring detailed or constant monitoring.

If you are in a high-risk business, working with sensitive materials, want to manage access and security, or have a work environment with frequent potential for danger; a contracted security guard or team of guards is likely an option that will best serve your needs. Contact us for more information.

Happy Clients Clients We've Worked With

<span> 12,000+ </span> Professional Guards
12,000+ Professional Guards

XPresssGuards is Georgia’s largest full-service national armed security guard company. Guards, both armed and unarmed, are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call or text XPressGuards today to get started!

Professional Security Security Guards in Sandy Springs

Armed security guards offer a level of security and protection that unarmed guards simply cannot. Whether you hire armed guards for a business, personal security, or any other reason, the utmost in security is your goal. At XPressGuards, we train our armed security guards to be completely capable of the best in protection that you’re looking for.

The Best Defense

The armed guards from XPressGuards are the best defense against serious criminal activities or violent threats, as well as the most effective method for protecting crowds or the general public. Our guards undergo extensive background screening, training, licensing, and continuing education to ensure they are the best security guards available for hire. We also have full knowledge of how to effectively use and maintain our firearms, but our main goal is to refrain from having to our firearms if at all possible.

Armed guards are trained in conflict resolution and violence prevention, which we use before using a firearm as a defense or security measure. Many of our armed guards are employed by larger corporations to safeguard information, secure restricted or dangerous areas, or protect property. Hiring armed security guards can be extremely beneficial, even necessary, for many businesses.

Contact Us To Get Started

For maximum safety, you can trust in the armed guards from XPressGuards. For over 30 years, our business has provided first-rate assistance. All fifty states have benefited from our services, as we now have over 600 locations staffed by trained security guards.

Our satisfied customer list is currently at more than thirty-four hundred people, but the number keeps growing. XPressGuards has worked with individuals, families, and small and large businesses for all their security requirements. Let our armed security guards offer you the best available security to give you peace of mind. Contact us now.

XPressGuards’ unarmed security guards offer a great solution to businesses or individuals who are looking for a security force that will assist in crime or violence prevention, rather than offer a direct response to a violent situation.

We’re usually hired to maintain order, control crowds, and offer the presence of safety in the area that we’re guarding. In situations that involve a large crowd of non-violent people, such as an airport or train station, unarmed security guards are a great resource to prevent mass harm and to discourage criminal activity within a relatively peaceful crowd.

Our unarmed security guards are expertly trained in conflict resolution, problem response, and detainment. We guard areas, items, or people without using a weapon; however, it does not necessarily mean they we’re less effective or less qualified to offer protection. Our unarmed guards undergo background screening, training, licensing, and continuing education to ensure we’re suited for security.

What Do Unarmed Security Guards Do?

More often than not, our unarmed security guards are stationed in lobbies of large building, in areas of public transportation, in office complexes or apartment buildings, or in secured floors or departments of businesses. We check identification cards, key fobs, and restrict access for unauthorized personnel.

Our unarmed security guards can also detain individuals who are trespassing or not permitted to be in the areas which we’re guarding; we act as the primary form of defense before police involvement. Many times, impending crime or violence can be prevented by the presence of our unarmed security, as we act as a deterrent force.

Why You Should Hire XpressGuards?

XPressGuards’ unarmed security guards are the most qualified resource to provide security for your needs. Our guards are highly trained, and we have more than six hundred different offices that are located nationwide.

Unarmed security guards from XPressGuards have offered superior security presence to more than three thousand satisfied customers, so our guards have excellent track records for dependability, dedication, and success. If you are looking for the best in the business, allow XPressGuards to expertly handle your security needs. Contact us now.

The majority of malls throughout the United States, regardless of their size, have security guards that make rounds or have stationary locations. You’ve probably seen these guards and wondered what exactly it is they do or why they are in place. However, our mall and retail security guards are necessary parts of ensuring a mall runs smoothly and without incidents.

Mall Security Guard Duties

Our mall and retail security guards have a number of tasks and duties that the general public may or may not be aware of. The most clear job is patrolling the stores, hallways, and entrances/exits of the mall. This means watching for, reporting, and recording any suspicious activities to prevent criminal activities or other danger. It also includes writing and submitting accurate reports of incidents or observations for any police forces that have to be notified in an emergency situation.

Our guards also maintain order in stores, settling arguments between customers and preventing any issues from becoming physical. This is not an overly common need; however, it’s frequent on larger shopping days, such as annual sales or Black Friday sales. Retail and mall security is also responsible for handling the security equipment and monitoring the footage captured. This assists in preventing threats, pinpointing crime, and identifying potential dangers.

About Our Mall Security Guards

Our security guards also handle customer service components, as they we’re readily available to assist customers in need of directions, answers to general inquiries, or a safety escort in evenings or parking garages. Lastly,our retail and mall security acts as an emergency response force, able to offer instant assistance in any given situation and alert further appropriate forces if need be.

XPressGuards offers the best in the business for your security needs, including mall and retail security guards. Our guards undergo intense training, screening, and licensing to ensure we’re the top in our field. We also operate out of more than six hundred locations across all fifty states, so there isn’t a location that is outside our range.

XPressGuards has more than thirty years of experience, and we’ve worked with more than thirty-four hundred clients to give them the best security service available. Allow our retail security teams to safeguard your local mall and offer you the industry’s best security service. Contact us now.

Our cruise ship security guards are a special kind of security team. We have a few unique duties to fulfill that other types of security guards don’t typically handle. Cruise ships have large amounts of luggage and personal items on board, particularly on the docking and boarding areas.

Our security guards are in place when individuals boarding a cruise ship check their luggage and other items onto the ship; this ensures that there aren’t any dangerous items present and that no theft takes place while the luggage is boarded.

What Do Cruise Ship Security Guards Do?

We scan passports, licenses, and port identification cards for those leaving or returning to the cruise ship at porting locations. Our security guards also control the access points for guests on the ship, making certain that guests are not in the captain’s quarters or in control rooms that have limited access.

A team of cruise ship security guards also regularly check all premises of the ship, which includes recording a nighttime log of activities to report to the captain at the end of each night patrol shift.

As cruise ships tend to have below-deck and poolside bars, our security officers also patrol for drunk passengers, as well as run illegal drug or alcohol checks at the ship’s captain orders. This could also include performing regular or random cabin checks for illegal or dangerous items that could compromise the safety of the ship’s passengers.

Our cruise ship security officers are required to know how to locate and operate all safety precautions for a large ship, as well as undergo proper training in the event of an emergency.

Why You Should Hire XPressGuards Cruise Ship Security

XPressGuards provides the best team of cruise ship security guards. Our guards are certified to be able to carry out any protocol for guarding, securing, and responding to emergencies pertaining to large ships.

We have been operating for more than thirty years in all fifty states with over six hundred offices. This ensures that we have the most relevant, recent training that can extend coast to coast. XPressGuards’ cruise ship security adds an unparalleled level for security to your cruise line, easing the minds of your captain, staff, and all passengers. Contact us now to get started.

There’s hardly a public place that doesn’t have at least one form of security to prevent threats, crime, and danger. Schools and college campuses are no exception, and there’s a highly involved security presence in these areas. It gives peace of mind to administration, teachers, professors, parents, and students.

Our school and college campus security guards typically patrol both on foot and in vehicles; however, this is dependent upon the size of the campus itself. Our first goal is to protect the welfare and increase the safety of students and faculty by encouraging proper behaviors and putting an end to illegal or dangerous activities.

What Does a Campus Security Guard Do?

Our security guards maintain radio contact with their base and with other guards, as well as monitor video footage of the campus to identify threats or catch those who instigate trouble. For larger schools and college campuses, our security guards secure buildings and offer emergency assistance for building access.

Our campus security also monitors on-campus traffic, write reports for any accidents, oversee parking restrictions, and ticketing speeders. However, one of the more unique duties of our school and college campus security guards is the development of emergency plans. We create, implement, and execute highly specific emergency protocol in the event of a situation to minimize damage, threats, and danger to the people on campus.

Why Should You Hire XPressGuards?

XPressGuards trains the best security guards for schools and college campuses. Our company has over thirty years of experience in the field, including experience working with major colleges.

We have more than six hundred locations throughout the country, so we’re available to help any school in any state. XPressGuards’ security guards also undergo high levels of screening, training, continuing education, so we’re more than equipped to handle any campus. Contact us now for more information.

Our event and party security guards have a number of specific duties that are required of them that could often go unnoticed; however, they’re essential in maintaining safety and control of situations.

Our event security guards particularly control rowdy and loud crowds. Although there are some duties that are event-specific, the majority of parties have at least some form of security guards to keep the environment safe while still allowing the party to be enjoyable.

What Our Event Security Guards Do

Security guards for parties and other events are usually placed at all entrances and exits to the event space. Our security guards also keep an eye on the event or party to ensure that rules are followed and party goers are acting in a safe and responsible manner.

If VIPs are in attendance at the event being guarded, security guards can be escorts to and from the party to deflect attention that could cause danger. A high-profile event could also be closely watched using security cameras, which guards monitor from a separate room or location. Security guards could also maintain order during an party or event by:

  • Directing people to the proper location
  • Watching and reporting any dangerous or suspicious activity
  • Escort people out if they’ve drank too much alcohol

Should any disturbances arise at the party, our security guards are responsible for suppressing them and handling the aftermath to maintain the safety for all party attendees. In essence, our security guards are in place to maintain the safety of larger groups of people in an environment that is more prone to disturbances and mild danger.

Why You Should Hire XPressGuards

Our event and party security guards undergo large amounts of training, screening, and experience making us the best option for your event’s security. Our company has over thirty years of experience working in the field, as well as more than three thousand clients that have been well-satisfied with our services.

We have more than six hundred training locations across the nation, so we are available to safeguard any location in the country. XPressGuards’ security teams are able to ensure the highest level of security for your next party. Sit back and enjoy the fun knowing that your guests are completely secure. Contact us now for more information.

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James Bell
Operations Manager

"I've been working with XPressGuards for a little over a year now and they're very professional. Easy security company to work with and the security guards are always very alert. I highly recommend their services, and their private security top notch."

Patrick Hadid
Construction Site Manager

"Our construction site needs year round security. It's a very big construction project in Midtown New York, and XPressGuards offers the best full service security service we found within our budget. I can vouch for XPressGuards. We hope to continue a long relationship with this security firm."

Steven Firestone
Hotel Manager

"Working with XPressGuards has helped our Hotel in so many ways. XPressGuards is reasonably priced and highly respected in Los Angeles. The first thing that caught our attention was the way everyone was so knowledgeable and very professional. First class security company."

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