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When Do You Need a Fire Watch Guard?

fire watch footerAt XPressGuards, we take fire prevention seriously. Hiring a fire watch guard can save your life and the financial loss that results from damaged property. 

You’ll Need a Fire Watch Guard If:

  • If you don’t have firefighting equipment in place. Our fire watch guards patrol the site 24/7 throughout the year. We identify all the fire hazards and promptly alert the fire department in case of a fire outbreak.
  • If you’re organizing a business event and want to ensure everything runs smoothly and no one is put in danger
  • If you’re running a business and are obligated to hire fire watch service to avoid fines
  • If you’re running a high-risk business
  • To minimize liability

Keep in mind that in case of a massive fire outbreak, a fire extinguisher won’t do any good. While you may be able to restore the damaged property and cover the financial loss, you can’t put a price on life.

We Offer Fire Watch Services For:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Events
  • Parks
  • Construction sites
  • Factories
  • Shopping malls
  • Education facilities (colleges and schools)
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes

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Our fire watch guards will alert the fire department upon the first sign of something suspicious thus protecting your employees as well as your property. Contact us now for more information. 

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Nationwide Fire Watch Services

24 Hour Fire Watch Guards
24 Hour Fire Watch Guards

Fire Watch Guards

The responsibility of fire watch security guards is to ensure the safety and security of a building and its occupants. They patrol the property, monitor the security cameras, and assist tenants and visitors. Additionally, fire watch guards maintain order throughout fire alarms and evacuations. In this article, we will examine the responsibilities of a fire watch security guard in greater detail.

The responsibilities of a fire watch security guard depend on the size and type of the assigned building. However, all fire watch security guards have certain responsibilities in common. These obligations include: Fire watch security guards must conduct routine patrols of the premises to ensure the safety of all areas. Around the property, they may be required to walk, ride a bicycle, or drive a vehicle.

Fire Watch Security Guard Services 

Fire watch security guards are required to continuously monitor security cameras to identify potential threats. They may also be required to review recorded footage in order to investigate past incidents. Fire watch security guards are required to provide assistance to tenants and visitors as needed. This could involve directing traffic, escorting individuals to their vehicles, or administering first aid.

Fire Protection Services

XPressGuards offers comprehensive services for commercial fire protection. We offer superior fire watch protection and sprinkler system installation for commercial buildings, including installation services and certified fire inspections. Our staff is well-versed in the design, installation, and maintenance of fire suppression systems.

In addition to installation, we also provide cutting-edge maintenance for existing systems, such as routine inspections and testing. With XPressGuards’ comprehensive sprinkler system partners and maintenance plans, you can rest assured that your commercial property will be protected from potential fires. XPressGuards provides, among other fire protection solutions, hazard suppression systems, special hazard suppression systems, sprinkler systems, and fire pumps.

Commercial Fire Observation and Protection

Our fire protection and fire watch services for commercial properties include emergency lighting and fire alarm management. We also provide 24 hour fire watch guards and commercial mechanical construction services for industrial projects. So, for all of your fire system needs, XPressGuards is your go-to national partner for superior service and safety.

Fire protection, fire watch guards, and protection of your property are among our most frequently requested services. In order to provide a safe environment for your home or business, we can provide professional fire equipment to both residential and commercial clients.

Our knowledgeable technicians are current on the most recent industrial codes and regulations, ensuring that your safety protocols are always current. In addition, our skilled staff is able to maintain any type of fire suppression system you may require for your home or business. With XPressGuard’s superior service, you can rest easy knowing that your home or business is protected from fires.

Fire Watch Protection
Fire Watch Protection

Fire Watch Guard Services

Fire Watch Service
Fire Watch Service
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Fire Watch Guard

Our fire watch guards have been specially trained to detect and sound the alarm in the event of a fire. Our fire watch security guard service will add an additional layer of protection to your home or business. Fire watch guards are trained to detect fires and identify potential fire hazards on construction sites and in buildings, as well as to secure the structure in the event that the fire system fails.

Our fire watch guards patrol the premises to minimize potential fire hazards and carry a fire watch check list at all times. If a fire is detected, the security guard will immediately alert the local fire department and evacuate the building. In addition to patrolling your facility’s grounds for any additional security needs, fire watch security guards supervise construction workers performing hot work.

XPressGuards fire watch team can also monitor your facility’s systems, property, and other areas for suspicious activity and apprehend and offenders while notifying the local police. The primary objective of these services is to provide a safe working environment while safeguarding your company from potential hazards and dangers.

Reputable Fire Watch Guard Company

Fire watch security guards from a reputable security guard company, such as XPressGuards, are responsible for patrolling the area and guarding the premises 24 hours per day. Our fire watch guards understand the particulars of each posted fire watch and how to keep an eye out for fires and other abnormal conditions throughout the entire building. In addition, we are responsible for inspecting the entire work area for potential fires and mitigating losses resulting from fire hazards.

Professional fire watch guards are a company’s top priority if their fire alert system malfunctions, and this has become increasingly vital as the demand for professional fire watch guards has increased. Our fire watch guards are highly trained security experts who monitor the safety of any location in the United States.

Our fire watch guards are professionally trained to ensure maximum safety and prevent the fire marshal from closing down your business. Additionally, XPressGuards employs armed and unarmed security officers who are constantly on the lookout for criminal activity, vandalism, and equipment theft. Our fire watch guards have worked with and repaired fire security systems in the past. We adhere to all safety protocols and execute specific fire watch procedures to prevent any fire incidents on the premises.

Additionally, we are trained to conduct routine patrols, research local fire departments, and maintain a safety log for the property. Our security guards are also trained to use extinguishers and other fire prevention equipment in the event of an emergency, as safety and security is always our top priority.

Fire Watch Safety Measures

Fire watch guards are highly trained and experienced security personnel who provide both watch security and fire protection. Nationwide, small businesses and large corporations utilize our security guard services to ensure safety in the event of a fire emergency. Our security guards at XpressGuards are equipped with the necessary equipment to protect people, property, and fire alert systems.

Our fire watch guards are able to monitor a fire alarm system and act swiftly in the event of an emergency. Additionally, we search for potential dangers, such as faulty wiring or blocked exits, which could lead to a fire or other serious safety issues. Fire watch guards can aid in the maintenance of an effective fire prevention system by ensuring that all safety equipment is always operational and by patrolling the area in search of other potential hazards. Fire watch guard service is mandatory if your fire alert system fails and you don’t want to be shut down if it fails to keep people safe through prompt response.

Fire Watch Security Safety Plan

Fire watch security is a vital component of any safety program. Instant fire safety solutions include the use of fire alarms, prevention equipment, and security guard patrol services to alert personnel to potential threats. These types of safety measures allow companies to implement proactive strategies that protect their employees and customers from potential disasters during hot work or other activities that could cause a fire.

Fire security guards are essential because their primary duty is to search for suspicious activity or danger indicators that employees may miss. Regular patrols search for potential fire hazards and take appropriate action, allowing management to focus on production rather than fire safety. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our security guard services can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business, providing you with dependable protection when it matters most.

Particularly important in commercial structures and active construction sites are fire watchmen. Our nationwide fire watch services provide businesses with the security they need for complete protection, and our security guards are also available for other security services, such as access control.

Fire watch guards monitor and maintain alarm systems and ensure that emergency equipment is readily available at all times. Your fire watch guard service can be tailored to the needs and requirements of any business with our assistance. Our Fire watch guards also ensure that all employees are adequately trained in fire response and assistance provision.

Hot Work Fire Watch
Hot Work Fire Watch
Security Patrols and Fire Watch Guard Services
Fire Prevention

Fire Watch Guards For Your Business

Fire Watch Guards
Fire Watch Security
Fire Watch Guards Are Vital To Your Business
Fire Prevention

Our fire watchmen play a vital role in protecting people and property from fire. Fire watch guards are indispensable to businesses, residences, and other buildings because they actively monitor potential fire hazards and respond swiftly to emergencies. Fire watch guards from XPressGuards are responsible for the installation, inspection, repair, testing, and maintenance of fire alarm systems. These are only some of the fire protection services provided by XPressGuards.

Fire watch guards from XPressGuards also ensure that all exits are clearly marked with exit signs and are not blocked or obstructed in any way. Additionally, our fire watch guards ensure that all fire extinguishers are easily accessible throughout the facility.

If any fire extinguishers are missing or inoperable, we will replace them with new ones that are effective for the type of fire you may encounter. Our fire watch guards also instruct residents on the proper use of fire extinguishers and evacuation procedures. XPressGuards may also maintain sprinkler systems and inspect smoke detectors for proper operation as part of our security services.

Why Are Fire Watch Guards Important

Our fire watch security guards are essential to businesses and organizations because they reduce the risk of fire, ensure the safety of employees, and prevent the fire marshal from shutting down your business. As part of our fire watch services, our fire security guards are trained to monitor areas for signs of fire hazards, particularly if hot work such as welding is being performed.

XPressGuards can respond rapidly to emergencies and help control smaller fires before the arrival of the local fire department. Additionally, we can perform routine monitoring and maintenance to ensure that all systems are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, our fire watch guard services may include training for employees on how to use safety equipment and what everyone should do in the event of an out-of-control fire.

Our Fire watch guards, also known as uniformed fire security officers, are responsible for the safety of your business. We are trained to respond to alarms and notify the appropriate authorities in the event of a fire, extinguish fires, and provide standard security with armed and unarmed guards as well.

In addition to being able to identify potential arson threats, manage crowds during emergencies, and monitor alarm controls, our fire watch guards must also be able to identify potential arson threats. We are experts in this field, and we can dispatch fire watch guards to any location in the United States.

Due to specialized training, XPressGuards can handle a variety of security issues that may arise in a business setting. The majority of our security guards and fire watch guards are former law enforcement officers, off-duty police officers, former members of the military, and other government contractors. XPressGuards is well-versed in all safety regulations and the most up-to-date alarm system and fire protection equipment technology.

Employ a Fire Watch Officer

Property managers must consider both Fire Watch Guards and sprinkler systems when securing their buildings. Our licensed fire watch guards are trained experts who patrol the premises in search of potential fires and other hazards. A current fire alarm system is also required, and if the guards detect a malfunctioning alarm, they will immediately notify property managers so that they can take the necessary measures.

A fire sprinkler system provides additional safety by automatically detecting heat and activating an alarm to alert occupants of an emergency situation. Property managers must always employ fire watch security officers with prior experience working with sprinkler systems to ensure proper sprinkler system operation and routine component inspections.

In addition, fire watch guards should be familiar with the different types of water available for extinguishing fires in order to avoid any potential dangers or damage resulting from the use of inappropriate water sources. By implementing these measures with our security team at XPressGuards, property managers can rest assured that their properties are adequately protected against any potential threats posed by fire or other hazardous events.

Uniformed Fire Watch Guards

Uniformed fire security guards are a crucial element of this protection. Our security guards receive specialized training in the event of a fire or other emergency at your business or construction site.

Our fire watch guards and security team can utilize alarm controls and extinguishing equipment to respond rapidly and coordinate with local emergency services, such as the fire department, to keep your business safe and prevent fines. In addition, by employing uniformed fire watch guards, property managers can rest assured that their premises are being monitored, as they can easily identify the guards and monitor their activity.

Fire watch guards are essential to a comprehensive security plan because they provide a necessary precaution. You should not wait until the last minute to hire a fire watch guard because professional fire watch services can provide both the equipment and experience necessary to ensure safety. If you wait until the fire marshal arrives and informs you that you need a fire watch guard, you will pay a heavy price by either being shut down or paying a much higher rate for the fire watch guards because it will be a last-minute emergency service request.

At XpressGuards, we have the ability to tailor security plans to your specific needs, ensuring that all safety standards are met. We have over sixteen years of experience providing fire watch guard services and can assist you in developing a plan that meets your particular needs and expectations.

Fire Watch Officer
hire fire watch guards
Fire Watch Officer

Fire Hazards

Prevent Fire Hazards
Fire Watch Officer Patrol
Fire Hazards & Fire Watch Guards
Prevent Fire Hazards

When normal systems are inoperable or the fire risk is high, our fire watch guards are responsible for patrolling a property to identify potential fire hazards. If your business is at a high risk for fire-related incidents, hiring fire watch security guards will increase your protection against these various fire hazards.

XPressGuards’s fire watch guards are security guards who monitor the alarm system to ensure that it is in working order. This ensures that in the event of a fire, you and your employees will be immediately notified and able to evacuate safely. Ensure that the security guard company you hire meets additional safety requirements, such as routine building patrols and equipment inspections.

Changes in the workplace or the emergence of new fire hazards should be communicated to fire watch guards. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that your security systems are up-to-date and fully functional. If your fire alert systems are malfunctioning or completely broken, you risk a hefty fine, and the fire marshal may even shut down your business until you hire fire watch guards.

How much would it cost to close your company for one day, one week, or one month? This expense can cripple some businesses, so it is preferable to hire a fire watch guard in order to avoid it and save yourself a significant amount of trouble in the future.

Fire Watch Guards Are Essential For Fire Protection

Because they can patrol and monitor all areas of a building for potential fires, Fire Watch Guards are indispensable for fire watches. Our fire watch guards are responsible for ensuring that no fires are started, that all employees are safe, and that, in the event of a fire, they can quickly extinguish it and/or contact emergency services while evacuating everyone. In addition, we safeguard your business or commercial property, provide water in the event of an emergency, and ensure that sprinkler systems function properly in all areas of your business or commercial property.

Any structure, business, or location that requires fire protection can receive it from us. One factor that determines the level of fire watch procedures is the potential for a fire hazard, such as welding at high temperatures or sparks from welding hot spots near furnaces containing combustible materials.

With our fire watch security guards on patrol, you can have confidence in the safety of your property. Our fire watch security guards will configure alarm controls and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. In addition, we provide crowd management and sweeps patrols to ensure a secure environment in any circumstance.

Nationwide, our highly trained fire watch security guards are available 24/7 to patrol your property or provide other security services. We provide armed and unarmed guards, fire professionals, patrols, and emergency services for natural disasters. Contact us now.

Fire Watch Frequently Asked Questions

A fire watch guard is a trained and experienced professional that you hire to patrol your building/estate in order to identify fire hazards. Fire watch guards work in shifts in order to cover the premises 24/7. They monitor the areas you wish to protect and act swiftly in case of a fire by alerting the fire department.

Fire Watch Guards Prevent Fires

A fire watch guard’s job is to prevent and minimize the damage a fire can do by performing regular checkups to see whether your anti-fire equipment is fully operational and to search for potential irregularities. Fire watch guards provide full guidance and assistance to businesses experiencing difficulties with their current fire system as well as those who wish to add a layer of security and protect their property.

Fire Watch Protection

Our fire watch guards are usually hired when someone deems there is a great chance of a fire breaking out at a location. This can be due to a faulty alarm system or related to certain construction processes such as welding and flame-cutting. Businesses that wish to protect their employees as well as their property and equipment (and avoid potential fines), turn to our fire watch guards to check for fire hazards.

Fire Watch Protection You Can Count On

Fire hazard are real and you can never be too prepared. Having a fire alarm and a fire extinguisher in place is not sufficient to protect you and your business from danger. Whether it’s a major event you want to ensure runs smoothly, or you run a high-risk business and want to provide a safe environment, our fire watch guards at XPressGuards are ready to protect the area.

There are many things that can cause a fire outbreak from hurricanes, natural disasters, faulty appliances, misuse of appliances and faulty wiring. Unfortunately, a common cause of a fire is also carelessness as well as arson (setting fire on purpose). Our fire watch guards work to identify potential threats and eliminate them.

The Fire Watch Guards at XPressGuards Will:

  • Monitor your building and/or facility
  • Patrol the premises on a regular basis (every 15-minutes or on the hour)
  • Look for fire hazards on the site that could potentially increase the risk of fire outbreaks
  • Check whether your anti-fire equipment is in order including your fire alarm and sprinklers
  • Keep logs/records of relevant information during each round of patrol
  • Cooperate with municipal fire departments
  • Contact the fire department in case of a fire outbreak

Our fire watch guards minimize the danger of a fire by identifying all the potential fire threats and address them before it is too late. We act according to clear instructions we receive in order to ensure everyone’s safety. We do not extinguish a fire by ourselves if it’s not 100% safe. Our orders may differ from one location to the other, but safety is always placed above anything else. Contact us for more information.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) may require you to use fire watch guards if your fire alarm and/or sprinklers are not functioning properly. To be more specific, you are obligated to have a fire watch guard if your fire alarm system remains unfixed for 10 hours or longer in a 24-hour period. In such instances, you must report this to the fire department. That means that any building/facility that has a fire alarm or sprinklers is obliged to fix the irregularities as soon as possible.

Compromised Fire Alarm

If your fire alarm system is compromised, a fire watch guard is mandatory. Your fire alarm or sprinklers may become incapacitated due to many reasons (mechanical or electrical). In such instances, the law requires you to have on-site fire watch guard in order to minimize liability, avoid fines, and ensure everyone’s protection from a possible fire outbreak.

Fire Watch Patrol

During a fire watch, all the areas in question are patrolled and monitored for any abnormalities. If the fire watch guards identify any fire hazards, they must immediately contact the fire department. Additionally, every activity is documented in the fire watch guard’s log.

The fire watch must not be interrupted until the system is back up. Once the issues are fixed and the fire system is working properly, the fire inspectors will inspect the premises to check whether everything is functional. Once they determine that everything is working perfectly, the fire watch is no longer needed. Keep in mind that the fire watch requirements may vary from one state to the other. You should contact us for more information on what the requirements are in your area.

Construction sites are sensitive, high-risk areas that are very susceptible to fire outbreaks. It’s therefore unwise to leave a construction site unattended. According to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), property owners are required to implement a fire watch if anti-fire systems (fire alarm, fire sprinklers) are impaired/not working properly.

Fire watch guards at a construction site can be required in cases of construction of demolishing of buildings or during nonworking hours. “Hot work”, typically associated with welding and grinding, is any work that creates flame and thus poses a fire risk. This is often the cause of industrial fires which can cause tremendous damage.

Fire Watch For Hot Work

A fire watch guard is mandatory during any hot work operation and at least 30 minutes upon its completion. This requirement aims to ensure any risk of a potential fire is reduced, especially if there are flammable materials in the vicinity of the site. However, a fire watch can be extended if the manager identifies potential hazards.

Fire watch at construction sites must include the entire area in which hot work is executed. Fire watch guards must be fully equipped and have fire extinguishers on hand. Both fire watch guards and employees performing hot work must be trained to use fire extinguishers. Contact us for more information.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a global organization devoted to eliminating death, injury, property, and economic loss due to fire. The organization was established back in 1896 and now consists of over 9,000 volunteers and over 50,000 members across the globe.

Education & Training

The NFPA delivers knowledge, education, training, advocacy, and more. They also partner with everyone who shares their vision and wants to participate in raising awareness of the importance of safety issues and fire hazards. Their mission is to educate the public on safety matters and thus saving lives. They have designed about 300 codes and standards aimed at minimizing fire risks as well as the damage it can cause. These standards include criteria for buildings, installations, services, etc.

The NFPA aims to educate all age groups on fire hazards and has thus developed tools and educational programs. The organization also provides training (both online and on-site) on how to access the codes and standards, holds conferences and seminars, and awards certificates. The primary goal of their educational programs is to instruct the public on how to properly apply the fire safety codes.

Become a Member of The NFPA

Becoming a member of the NFPA is the best way to stay up to date on the fire and electrical safety codes. They frequently perform research and analysis and then develop texts and guides (for firefighters and other interested parties), all for the purposes of raising awareness about fire hazards.

If you want to inform yourself about the codes and standards and you wish to ensure a safe workplace for your employees, you can join the NFPA. Their staff can address every technical question you may have about these standards and how to implement them. If you wish to become a member, you can do so by selecting any of the three offered packages (1 year-$175, 2 years-$315, and 3 years-$445). The NFPA is devoted to providing you with the knowledge and information you need in order to do your job in the best possible way. Contact us for more information.

A fire marshal is responsible for fire training and safety, and they’re usually a member of the fire department. Their duties include fire code enforcement, investigating fires for origin, public education, and analyzing and reporting fire incidents including conducting an investigation about arson. Fire marshals may be sworn law-enforcement officers and are responsible for the implementation of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

Yes, The Fire Marshal Can Fine You And Shut You Down

The fire marshal can fine you for violating the minimum safety standards. These standards may vary from state to state as well as the fines, but if you fail to fulfill the minimum safety requirements, you may be fined. Upon investigating your premises, if the fire inspector finds that you haven’t met the safety standards, they may give you a notice that serves as a warning so that you may correct these irregularities in a certain time frame. You won’t be fined this time. If you fail to make the corrections, you will be fined.

Ensuring that you meet the minimum safety standards does not only protect your employees and your property, but keeps you from having to pay a fine. Hiring a fire watch guard will help prevent fines and create a safe workplace for everyone involved. Contact us for more information about our fire watch services.

The cost of fire watch services depends on several factors including whether it’s an emergency or a routine patrol. In emergency situations, fire watch service typically costs significantly more because more staff and resources are required. In such cases, the amount can go as high as $150 per hour. Prices vary from company to company but are generally within the $50-$150 range. However, in critical situations when you need all the help you can get in order to protect your employees’ as well as your premises and your equipment, this is a small price to pay.

Avoid Emergency Situations

The best way to prevent such situations is to take all the precautions and secure the workplace from the start. Make sure your fire alarm and sprinklers are in order and ensure that you meet the safety standards. This is the best way to minimize liability and protect the occupants of the building.

Calling your own fire watch guards is a much better option than having the fire marshal send guards over as this may cost significantly more. In such instances, the cost goes well beyond $200 because the fire marshal needs to send more staff and pay for their overtime. This is why it’s better to hire a private fire watch company as the prices are lower while the quality of the service is the same.

We’re always ready for emergency situations and are equipped to handle things as quickly as possible. Our trained fire watch guards at XPressGuards are prepared at all times to report for duty. The sooner you call us, the less the damage will be. Contact us now.

Yes, you do. In fact, a fire watch checklist completed and ready for emergency situations is vital for your safety and the safety of everyone in your building, construction site or another area. A fire watch checklist includes all the necessary steps that are to be taken in case of an emergency.

No two buildings are the same, therefore, every building has different safety needs. Your checklist should be carefully composed and customized to fit the safety requirements in your premises.

Your Fire Watch Checklist Should Include:

  • A complete layout of the facility including all the stairs and emergency exits
  • Steps on securing the clearance of all exits
  • Keeping the fire log/record (the log should include all the dates and times of each patrol as well as the area patrolled)
  • Posting fire watch door notices on exterior doors of apartments, bathrooms, the lobby, halls and elevators
  • Informing all occupants immediately upon detecting smoke or fire (using a whistle to alert the occupants or a fire horn)
  • Conducting patrol of all the premises in the building including stairways, corridors, hallways, rooms, etc
  • Calling the fire department immediately upon detecting smoke or fire using the nearest phone
  • Avoiding danger/staying away from smoke or fire

Contact us now for more information.

In order to become a fire watch guards, one needs to undertake serious training on how to prevent a fire. Fireguard certificates are then awarded to those that successfully complete the training to become fire watch guards. Backed by the Occupational Safety and Health Act from 1979, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) organization was created in order to train people to ensure safe working conditions for everyone.

According to the OSHA law, employers are obliged to provide a safe environment for workers free from any hazards as well as to find and correct any safety problems. The OSHA courses train future fire watch guards to take all the necessary measures in order to reduce the risk of fire. The education materials cover all possible health and safety problems in the workplace as well as the best solutions for these problems.

Fire Watch Certification Courses

The extensive certification courses cover all the fire-related topics relevant for a future fire watch guard including safety requirements, safety signs, OSHA protection protocols, fire extinguishing devices, workplace hazards, chemical storage, planning and reporting in cases of emergencies, using emergency response equipment, and much more. All fireguards that receive these certificates have acquired the knowledge necessary for ensuring safety problems are avoided as well as what to do if they occur.

OSHA covers most private-sector employees /as well as some public-sector employees in all 50 states. Certification must be renewed every year. To attend the fire watch guard certification course, one must be at least 18 years old. All our fire watch guards are trained and certified and fully capable of handling any fire watch situation. We are equipped to perform a fire watch at any location and we cooperate with the local fire department. Trust us with your safety knowing that you’re in good, well-trained hands. Contact us now.

This plan of action should include instructions on what to do if your fire system fails from alerting the residents to evacuating the building during a fire outbreak. In the case of detecting smoke or fire, the safety plan must be initiated right away. The building manager must be informed and consequently a fire company if the problem cannot be resolved by the manager.

A Fire Watch Plan Should Cover The Following:

  • Inspecting the premises of the entire building
  • Informing the fire department and hire fire watch guards if the malfunction continues for more than 4 hours in 24 hours
  • The plan should be visible to all the employees/residents
  • A staff member trained in the safety procedures including the fire alarm, extinguishers, evacuation, rescue, etc
  • Constant fire watch of the affected area is to be performed by professional fire watch guards. Patrol of the affected areas should be performed every 30 minutes or at 15-minute intervals and 24 hours if necessary.
  • Keeping a fire log including the date and time of each patrol together with the name of the person performing the fire watch
  • Distribution of fire extinguishing equipment to all the residents and/or employees throughout the building.

In case of a fire outbreak, fire watch guards must have access to all the premises of the building. They check all the rooms on a regular basis. Every building owner/manager/employer should have a fire watch procedure template that covers all the important steps to be taken in case of a safety emergency. Protect your employees and your property by being prepared for a fire outbreak. Contact us to get started.

<span> 12,000+ </span> Fire Watch Guards
12,000+ Fire Watch Guards

XPresssGuards is the largest full service fire watch security guard company in the United States. Our fire watch guards are available 24/7. Call or message XPressGuards now to get started!

Certified Fire Watch Guards 24/7 Fire Watch Services

We Provide Fire Watch Services For:

  • Hotels/motels
  • Shopping centers
  • Hospitals
  • Construction sites
  • Business complexes
  • Apartments and Condominiums
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Restaurants
  • Concert Venues and more…

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"Our construction site needs year round security. It's a very big construction project in Midtown New York, and XPressGuards offers the best full service security service we found within our budget. I can vouch for XPressGuards. We hope to continue a long relationship with this security firm."

Steven Firestone
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"Working with XPressGuards has helped our Hotel in so many ways. XPressGuards is reasonably priced and highly respected in Los Angeles. The first thing that caught our attention was the way everyone was so knowledgeable and very professional. First class security company."

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