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XPressGuards is the #1 commercial monitoring security company in the United States. With over 600 offices, we offer 24/7 commercial security monitoring in all 50 states.

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Nationwide Commercial Monitoring
Our nationwide commercial monitoring teams are professionally trained and fully equipped to handle all your commercial security needs. We offer commercial monitoring security guards for small businesses, large corporations and business events. Get the commercial monitoring security you need. Get a quote now.

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24 Hour Commercial Monitoring Security
Are you looking for the best 24 hour commercial monitoring security guard company in the nation? Look no further. At XPressGuards, our commercial monitoring security teams are available 24/7 to secure your commercial business and your business events. We offer armed and unarmed commercial security guards. Call now.

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Emergency Commercial Monitoring
Our 24/7 emergency commercial monitoring security guards have decades of experience. We specialize in providing businesses with professional emergency security services at an affordable price. Our emergency commercial monitoring guards are trained to de-escalate violent situations. Call now.

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Commercial Monitoring Security Services

Are you still looking for the best commercial monitoring security company in the United States? You’ve come to the right place. Our nationwide commercial monitoring security is available 24/7 to protect your business,  and we’re fully licensed and insured in all 50 states.

At XPressGuards, we take your security very seriously. Hiring a commercial monitoring security team will help you protect yourself, your business, your merchandise, and keep your employees safe.

You Should Hire Our Commercial Monitoring Security Team If:

  • If you don’t currently have a commercial monitoring security system in place
  • If you’re organizing a commercial event and you want to ensure everyone’s safety
  • If you’re obligated to hire commercial monitoring security for insurance purposes
  • If you’re running a high-risk business and you need armed guards or unarmed guards
  • If you’re managing an event
  • If you need to establish a solid defense plan for your commercial business
  • To minimize business liability

Working with our commercial security teams, at XPressGuards, decreases the likelihood of a crime taking place. If you’re looking for the best way to provide safety and insurance against harm, contact our commercial monitoring security team now.

We Offer Commercial Monitoring Security For:

  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Shopping malls
  • Cruise ships
  • The entertainment industry
  • Restaurants
  • Business events
  • Construction sites
  • Factories
  • High Schools & Colleges
  • Nursing homes + more

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We offer high-quality commercial monitoring security services throughout the nation, ranging from small business events to security for major businesses and corporations. XPressGuards has also been in the commercial monitoring security industry for thirty-four years, so we have plenty of experience in any situation imaginable. We offer armed or unarmed commercial security, and we’re available 24/7.

Whatever your needs are, we have the expertise to handle it professionally. We have over six hundred locations to serve your needs in all 50 states. You can contact us now using our contact form, or call us 24/7. Request a quote now and discover how XPressGuards can help you secure you, your business, and your employees safety.

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Commercial Monitoring Services Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial properties such as office buildings, schools, retail stores, and others are always at a risk of intrusion, especially nowadays. The consequences can be grave and can put you out of business. It is important to protect the lives of employees and everyone else in these buildings, but also to prevent damage to your property.

Commercial Monitoring is Efficient

The most efficient way to protect your property is through commercial monitoring. Commercial monitoring means controlling who can access your property. This is achieved by installing a security system that monitors the building at all times. The system detects any suspicious activity and alerts you on time.

Commercial monitoring protects the property from intrusion, vandalism, theft, and many other safety issues that commercial properties everywhere are facing.

Intrusion and vandalism are more common than ever and thus represent a daily threat to businesses everywhere. The need for commercial monitoring is, therefore, increasing every day.

How Does It Work?

Once you hire a professional security team to secure your business, they will evaluate the building and decide on the type of security monitoring system you need. They will then install a security system/ intrusion detection system.

The system is composed of several elements such as motion detectors, video surveillance, alarms, glass break devices, etc. All these elements combined work to secure your commercial property from intrusion and other safety issues.

The system allows you to monitor the traffic in your building 24/7. It enables you to see if an intruder has walked into one of your restricted areas or if it’s just an employee doing their job. If something suspicious happens, the system will immediately alert a system operator who will act right away.

The benefits of commercial monitoring are immeasurable. Access control, loss prevention are just a few of them. Not only does it help protect your business and the lives of employees, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that you have done everything to protect your commercial property.

Commercial monitoring enables you to constantly monitor traffic in your building and to clearly distinguish the difference between harmless people and suspicious individuals who might attempt to harm someone or something.

Create a Safe Environment

A monitored property means a safe environment for everyone: employees, patients, visitors, shoppers in retail stores, etc. And if anything happens, there is a professional security team ready to handle the situation in the most efficient way.

If someone breaks into your building, the alarm will go off and alert the operator instantly. That allows your security team to act immediately and to handle the situation.

Installing a security system is not enough. You must be able to rely on a capable team of security guards ready to handle any safety emergency.

XpressGuards professionals provide security to all commercial properties and businesses across the country. We have the experience, the skills, and expertise that set us apart from any other security company you’ve heard of. Our long list of clients confirms it. The businesses we’ve helped secure are safe and thriving and continue to use our security services.

Highly Trained and Licensed 

Our team of highly-trained and licensed security guards specializes in commercial monitoring. We install the security systems, monitor the property, and handle any security situation right away.

We are just a call away, so call us to schedule a free consultation. Let’s protect your business together. Contact us now.

Commercial Monitoring

<span> 12,000+ </span> Commercial Guards
12,000+ Commercial Guards

XPresssGuards is the largest full service commercial monitoring company in the United States. Our commercial monitoring security is available 24/7. Call or message XPressGuards now to get started!

Commercial Monitoring 24/7 Commercial Monitoring

We Provide Commercial Monitoring Services For:

  • Hotels/motels
  • Shopping centers
  • Hospitals
  • Construction sites
  • Business complexes
  • Apartments and Condominiums
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Restaurants
  • Concert Venues and more…

Nationwide #1 Commercial Monitoring Company

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Testimonials What Our Clients Say About Us

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James Bell
Operations Manager

"I've been working with XPressGuards for a little over a year now and they're very professional. Easy security company to work with and the security guards are always very alert. I highly recommend their services, and their private security top notch."

Patrick Hadid
Construction Site Manager

"Our construction site needs year round security. It's a very big construction project in Midtown New York, and XPressGuards offers the best full service security service we found within our budget. I can vouch for XPressGuards. We hope to continue a long relationship with this security firm."

Steven Firestone
Hotel Manager

"Working with XPressGuards has helped our Hotel in so many ways. XPressGuards is reasonably priced and highly respected in Los Angeles. The first thing that caught our attention was the way everyone was so knowledgeable and very professional. First class security company."

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    Business Security

    Our business security guards are available for dispatch 24/7. Our security guards can secure:

    • Retail Stores
    • Hotels
    • Shopping Malls
    • High Schools & Colleges
    • Construction Sites
    • Restaurants
    • Business Events + more
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    Private Security

    Our private security guards are highly trained. We offer armed and unarmed guards for your security.

    • Bodyguards
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    • Family Security
    • Celebrity Security
    • Residential Security
    • Private Event Security + more
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    Our surveillance & private investigation division has over 30 years experience. We specialize in:

    • Home Monitoring
    • Commercial Monitoring
    • Access Control Systems
    • CCTV Installation
    • Private Investigation
    • Custody Investigations
    • Background Checks + more
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    Fire Watch

    We take fire prevention seriously. Get the Fire Watch services you need in all 50 states. Get started now!

    • Nationwide Fire Watch Guards
    • 24 Hour Fire Watch Guards
    • Emergency Fire Watch Guards
    • Hot Work Watch
    • Over 600 Offices
    • Certified
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