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Access Control Security Services

Access control security systems are the best in modern security. As businesses and corporations have grown in size, requiring more confidentiality and security, owners and operators have to ensure that their areas are completely secure and there are no compromises. Access control security systems ensure this is always the case, from an area or wing in your building to the entire building itself. It is an entirely electronic security system that XPressGuards can install easily for your business. Let our security company help ensure the security of your business.

Access control security systems have removed metal keys and deadbolts as the means of security or restricting access; instead, they have replaced them with key cards, electronic pass-codes, and monitoring. This allows you to select who can enter certain areas or even specify the hours that a certain premises is available.

Authorized personnel key cards or fobs that scan into a card reader are commonly used, but another option is a keypad which authorized individuals have a unique code that allows access. Electronic locks for doors, windows, or vents cannot be compromised like a deadbolt can, which is why this method has become more secure.

By locking your secured areas electronically and allowing selective access through an access control system, there can’t be copies of keys made and distributed to unauthorized parties, nor can old-fashioned locks be picked to gain access. Building owners or managers that run the security system have access to a main dashboard where they can see information on who enters when and which key cards are being used.

Why You Should Use Access Control Systems

Access Control Security
Access Control Security

Using an access control security system guarantees security and confidentiality for your secured areas. It keeps both your information and research safe, as well as your employees and personnel. Constant monitoring abilities allow you to always know what is going on and who is where, making sure that you are always aware of private information that you have created or have been entrusted to develop.

Many businesses or large companies are often storing sensitive information for their clients; in almost any industry, there is information that people entrust to a business that shouldn’t be floating around on the dark web. With a trusted company like XPressGuards installing your access control security system, you can always have peace of mind that there is never a moment when you are not protected.

Keycards that employees are given cannot be duplicated, and you will be able to deactivate any key card within an instant should the need arise. There are endless packages that you can select from, ranging from simple keycard and electronic door access systems for one area to a complex, scheduled access system that is monitored by video feed and requires a keycard, eye scan and code for entry.

Finally, we also offer remote access to your company’s security system; changes and monitoring can be done from any location by the administrator of the access control system. XPressGuard’s access control security systems have anything that you could dream of to keep your business secure.

When your business makes the important decision to utilize an access control security system, it’s equally as important to use a company that is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and experienced to complete any installations. XPressGuards is the best option when choosing a security company that has years of experience, knows the ins and outs of any security situation, and has thousands of satisfied customers that include individuals, families, small or large businesses and major corporations.

Why You Should Hire XPressGuards Security Services

We have been offering our top-notch security services for more than thirty years, meaning that our experience is extensive while remaining recent and relevant to this current digital, electronic era. XPressGuards also has more than six hundred security offices located all over the United States, so we’re well-equipped to work with your business regardless of your location nationwide.

Our previous clientele of over three thousand satisfied entities includes large companies such as Polo by Ralph Lauren, Forever 21, and Fenty by Rihanna. All these companies require high levels of security at many levels that we’ve handled with dedication, expertise, and confidence. Contact us today and request a free quote.

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