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A doorman, often known as a doorman or door-woman, is a person employed to give courtesy and protection to residents of a building or hotel. They’re especially frequent in premium high rise apartments in cities. A doorman in a residential complex is in charge of opening doors and vetting visitors and deliveries. Other courtesy services may include signing for shipments, moving bags from the elevator to the street, and hailing cabs for residents and visitors.

Being a doorman does not require much. He looks after a certain access point at a facility or at the site of an event. He can be found in a variety of locations, from residential structures to bars and clubs. They are in charge of permitting only appropriate people to enter the site.

Doorman and/or Bouncers Can Screen Your Visitors

Many venues and functions have a series of prerequisites that must be met in order for an individual to attend. For example, only those having a Visitor’s ID or those dressed according to the club’s requirements are allowed to enter a corporate building. They also have the job of denying people access to the place without causing a conflict.

A security guard’s role is far broader than that of a doorman. As a security guard, he must be trained and licensed. A security guard’s training is far more extensive, allowing him to perform more for a customer. A security guard’s job is to keep the people and property around him safe.

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Which Do You Need: A Security Guard or a Doorman?

Bouncers (also known as doormen or door supervisors) work in places including bars, clubs, opera clubs, stripclubs, resorts, lodges, pool halls, cafes, sporting events, and concerts. Security, checking legal age and drinking age, refusing access to drunk people, and dealing with violent behavior or non-compliance with legal or establishment restrictions are all responsibilities of a bouncer. They are individuals who are frequently hired personally by the venue rather than through a security company.

Bouncers are frequently required in situations where the crowd size, clientele, or alcohol consumption could lead to fights or disagreements, or when there is a high risk of illegal gang activity or violence. Bouncers in some clubs are also in charge of “face control,” or deciding who is permitted to patronize the institution.

Because many bouncers in the United States are frequently taken to court and other nations have similar problems with excessive force, legal liability and court related costs to the use of force by security staff are “the biggest preventable loss discovered within the bar industry” in the United States. Many countries have taken attempts to professionalize the industry by mandating security staff to have training, certification, and a criminal background check. Our doormen and bouncers are highly trained and licensed to handle the job.

Licensed Security Guards 

Senate Bill 194 in California mandates that any bouncer or security guard be registered with the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. These guards must also submit their biometrics to the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation as part of a criminal background check. Before acquiring a security license, California residents must complete the “Technical Training Program for Security Guards.” Following completion of additional courses, qualified security officers are permitted to carry batons. Peace officers are exempt from the Act in certain instances.

It is prohibited in New York State for a restaurant owner to hire a convicted felon as a bouncer. Bars and clubs are prohibited from hiring bouncers without a valid license under Article 7 of the General Business Law. Only a private investigator or a watch, guard, and patrol business licensed in New York can provide security officers to bars.

A doorman and a security guard both imply that someone should be stationed at the entrance in case assistance is required. However, there is a distinction to be made among a doorman and a security guard. It’s also useful to understand the advantages of each if you’re planning to hire a doorman or security guard for your business. It may come down to what you prioritize and your budget if you’re deciding between a doorman and a security guard. When opposed to a security guard, doormen are frequently unionized workers that get paid a great deal of money and have less security training.

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