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Do you suspect fraud or bribery? Call us to conduct a thorough financial investigation. At XpressGuards, we offer elite, all-inclusive investigation services with the best private investigators in the nation. We are available 24/7 to investigate any financial matter you require.

About Our Financial Investigation Service

Financial investigation service involves skilled private investigators and forensic accountant investigating an alleged case of bribery, money laundering, fraud, tax problems, etc. Financial investigators are licensed and insured professionals trained in conducting investigations on various financial matters. They apply their skills and expertise to identify the abovementioned cases and provide fast results. They apply advanced analytical methods and technology to get to the bottom of things promptly.

Financial investigators perform undercover investigations and may use surveillance methods to detect a crime. They research and analyze information to help you solve a case and find out the truth. If necessary, private investigators can also present evidence they found before the court. These professional investigators can work independently or cooperate with financial institutions and law enforcement to deliver results. Some of them may be licensed to carry weapons.

Why Do People Hire Financial Investigators

There are many instances when the services of a financial investigator are required. Financial investigators are often hired by attorneys to help with data analytics and forensic accounting and thus support their litigation. On the other hand, corporate leaders also require the help of financial investigators to discover cases of fraud and corruption in the companies as well as prevent it.

Businesses, attorneys, and others hire financial investigators to investigate various financial matters including:

  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Bribery
  • Asset tracing
  • Litigation support
  • Taxes
  • Forensic accounting

Benefits of Hiring Financial Investigators

If you suspect someone in your company has committed fraud, a financial investigator can help you know for certain. Similarly, if you are a lawyer in the middle of a case involving corruption and you need solid evidence, financial investigators can help too. The benefits of hiring financial investigators are evident: they have the expertise and they deliver fast results.

At times, the success of your claim depends on hiring qualified financial investigators to conduct an investigation of a person or company and gather evidence of fraud, corruption, asset tracing and recovery, money laundering, etc. Financial investigators possess a special skill set necessary to conduct such complex investigations that may involve several jurisdictions and large volumes of data.

If you suspect money laundering, corruption, or any other financial crime, your best choice is not to leave the matters in the hands of the authorities but to hire competent financial investigators to properly and discreetly investigate the case.

One example of when the services of a financial investigator are crucial is in the event you suspect a senior employee has committed fraud and transferred huge amounts of money to foreign accounts/fake beneficiaries. Financial investigators will work with the legal counsel to conduct thorough research of the criminal activities of the said employee and use surveillance to monitor involved culprits to trace and find proof of fraud.

Why Hire XpressGuards Financial Investigators?

Investigating financial matters is a complex task that often spans multiple jurisdictions. It is the task for skilled, experienced investigators such as our team here at XpressGuards. With over 600 offices in 50 states, we provide financial investigating services across the nation and we do it quickly and efficiently. We apply advanced investigative techniques and analytical methods to trace a financial crime so whatever you need, rest assured that we will deliver results.

Our competent private investigators can investigate any matter you require, financial or other. We do it quickly and discreetly too! We offer 24/7 investigative services so contact us at any time!

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