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Poll Booth Security Guards For 2020 Election

Elections are coming up in November 2020 and President Donald J. Trump already announced that he wants to have law enforcement guarding the Poll booths nationwide. Why does the president of the United States want to guard the poll booths? Well, the main reason is to make sure that the election runs smoothly and fairly. […]

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What Are The California Security Guard Laws?

Security guard laws differ per state in the U.S. The California Bureau of Security & Investigative Services is responsible for registering the security guards that are active in the State of California. So, when you decide to work as a security guard , you will be interacting with the bureau a lot of times. For […]

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Why Las Vegas Has So Many Security Guards

Las Vegas is known for its Casinos, great restaurant, exorbitant pool parties, bachelor parties, and nightlife. You might wonder why severe accidents rarely happen in the city that is known as the Disney World for men. The answer can be summarized with one word: security . Every casino and club in Las Vegas is welcoming […]

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Difference Between Protesters and Rioters

Riots and protests were both trending topics around the world in 2020. Especially, in different locations across the U.S protests turned into riots and law enforcement had to do whatever they could to keep order. Because protests turned into riots, people often mix protesters with rioters. This is not correct as there is a fundamental […]

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Should You Hire Security to Protect You From Protesters?

Protests in the U.S have seen a steep increase in recent months. Freedom of speech has become a precious good for society and people want to make sure their voices are heard by going on the streets and start protesting. At the same time, businesses are increasingly concerned about the impact protesters can have on […]

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Should Your Company Hire Cyber Security?

Cyber security and the correct protection of information for a company are a responsibility towards the customer. It is important to protect the privacy of your customers. Data breaches can pose serious risks to the prosperity of your business . Take a moment to consider the cyber security of your company. Is my company sufficiently […]

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