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Common Types of Property Crimes

What Are The Most Common Types of Property Crimes? – Burglary , larceny, theft, car theft, arson, shoplifting, and vandalism are just a few examples of the crimes that fall under the category of “property crime,” which typically involves private property. Property crime is any crime committed in order to get access to money, valuabl […]

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Window Film for Safety and Security

Why Window Film for Safety and Security Is Important – Normal window glass, or “float glass,” is deadly to anyone nearby when it breaks into sharp fragments. If a person knocks against the window and breaks it, this is especially dangerous. Especially in the event of a car catastrophe, toughened (tempered) glass can produce showers […]

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Disaster Preparedness and Management

Disaster Preparedness – The organization and management of the resources and duties for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of calamities is known as emergency management, sometimes known as emergency response or disaster management (prevention, preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery). The goal is to avert and lessen the negative c …

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How CCTV Systems Are Employed Globally

CCTV Systems – Vehicle Traffic Numerous towns and highway networks have sophisticated traffic monitoring systems that use closed-circuit television to spot traffic jams and accidents. However, a large number of these cameras are controlled by commercial businesses and send information to drivers’ GPS devices. Over 3000 Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera …

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Services for Security Risk Management

Risk Management – The principles of risk management are applied to the management of security risks in order to manage security threats. It entails identifying risks (or risk causes), evaluating the efficacy of current controls to address those risks, figuring out the consequences of the risks, ranking the risks by likelihood and impact, categ …

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Access Control and Identity Management

Access Control and Security – Identity management (IdM), also referred to as identity and access management (IAM or IdAM), is a framework of rules and tools used to guarantee that only the right users—those who are a part of the network surrounding or residing inside an enterprise—have access to the resources needed to use technology […]

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