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Professional Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are some of the most commonly pictured kinds of guards when people think of security guards. They are seen in businesses, areas, or at a variety of different events to protect and safeguard the participants there. However, it is not always clear what the duties of an armed security guard might entail, what a business’ motivation is for hiring armed guards, or which is the best company to hire armed security guards from. XPressGuards can answer all your questions while ensuring your business or event the best in armed security forces. Our company is armed and ready to best serve your needs.

An armed security guard is one of the simplest methods to create a safer environment; a team of guards can easily secure an entire area. Armed guards are put into place to protect people, whether they are in a specific area or attending any kind of special event. These guards are properly trained to carry firearms for the purpose of defense. Using a firearm in defense means that our guards are trained only to utilize their guns when it becomes absolutely necessary; XPressGuards understands the severity and weight that firearms bear, so we are committed to using them in ways that better our surroundings and promote safety.

Why Armed Security Guards Are Used?

Armed Security Guard Service
Armed Security Guard Service

Armed security guards can be used to safeguard entryways, exits, or secured areas. A common example of this is an airport, where armed guards are placed throughout the area to ensure the safety of all who board aircrafts. Another place where armed security is a common sight would be a concert in a large arena or stadium. Armed security in this situation makes sure that no dangers are brought into the arena that would be harmful to other attendees or to the performing acts.

Overall, an armed security guard or guard team lowers the chance of crimes taking place, while also minimizing the risks of physical harm or violence to the parties they are protecting. Our guards undergo intense training and background clearances to be worthy of wielding a weapon in the name of protection, so rest assured that you are in wonderful hands when hiring an armed guard from XPressGuards.

Several businesses and people today hire armed security guards for a variety of specific reasons; however, the main reason that anyone considers hiring such security is out of a desire for safety. For businesses, an armed security guard is a significant deterrent of crime, vandalism, theft, or other harmful behaviors that could damage company property. It also increases the safety of those who work for the company, especially if there is sensitive information or any serious experimentation involved. Protection is the top priority of most companies in the world today. In large, crowded areas, an armed guard can provide better crowd control to prevent chaos or mania from breaking out, which is crucial in areas of high stress such as airports or government facilities.

Armed security guards are able to take care of any violent situations that may arise, which is the reason they are often present at political events or marches. In moments of strong opinions and arguments, an armed guard can diffuse any potentially dangerous situations that might arise. Personal armed security is typically hired by celebrity or well-known figures when traveling to prevent any kind of disruptive behaviors from either fans or disapproving parties. In most cases, firearms are not actually used, but they enable the security guards to create the safest possible conditions for those under their protection.

Why You Should XPressGuards Armed Security Guards?

XPressGuards trains the most qualified, experienced, and dedicated armed security guards available for hire. Regardless of your reasons or needs for hiring armed security, we are well-equipped to provide the best protection currently available. Our company has been providing body guard and other security services for more than thirty years, so we have the years of experience that allow our customers ease of mind when selecting our services.

XPressGuards has more than six hundred different offices located throughout the nation, so your location is no deterrent. Perhaps most comforting is our clientele base, which numbers to more than three thousand satisfied customers representing all fifty states. Let XPressGuards handle your situation requiring armed security with our years of experience, strong work ethic, wonderful track record, and desire to serve your company best. We look forward to giving your business the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us now.

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