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Our mobile devices contain valuable information which, if lost, can negatively impact our businesses and our lives. If you need cell phone forensic recovery services, you’ve come to the right place. At XpressGuards, we have some of the best cell phone forensic recovery specialists nationwide.

What is Cell Phone Forensic Recovery Service?

Mobile devices have become very important in criminal or civil cases. We use our phones daily, store photographs, make calls, use social media, browse the web, etc. Our phone has become the most personal thing we own. As such, our mobile devices contain invaluable information about our lives such as who we talk to, where we go, what we post on social media, etc.

Research shows that we spend about five hours a day using our mobile devices. That’s a huge part of our lives. In those five hours, we leave tons of information on our phones. In some cases, such as criminal cases or litigation, recovering data from cell phones can be crucial. This is what cell phone forensic recovery service is. It involves recovering evidence and data from mobile devices that were deleted or otherwise lost due to damage or malfunction.

Cell phone forensic recovery service is similar to computer forensic recovery service. It is also a branch of forensics that requires advanced skills and expertise to recover lost or hidden data from mobile devices. Cell phone recovery specialists can recover lost images, deleted text messages, location details, call history, etc. By applying their skills, they can bring crucial evidence in a court case.

Why Do People Hire Cell Phone Forensic Recovery Specialists?

People hire cell phone forensic recovery specialists for several reasons. The first being that they’ve lost valuable data from their phone (such as cherished images) and wish to recover them.

On the other hand, lawyers and businesses may also hire cell phone forensic recovery experts to extract hidden or deleted data to help resolve a civil or criminal case. Trials and investigations often involve cell phone forensic recovery services because the role of these highly-trained specialists is of the utmost importance. They can extract evidence of a person’s location at a particular time, their search history, emails, calendars, etc. They can basically tell you what a person did and how they used their phone just by analyzing their mobile device.

Benefits of Cell Phone Forensic Recovery Service

Extracting lost data from a cell phone is highly beneficial in many cases, primarily in litigation and criminal cases. If a suspect deleted all their images, texts, call history, search history, and relevant other data, cell phone forensic recovery experts can recover that data. This can make a huge difference in a case.

Additionally, cell phone forensic scientists can extract hidden data that is not deleted but is located in protected parts of the device. This makes the data visible only to those who know where to look, and cell phone forensic experts know just where to look. This can be a decisive factor in your case.

You may benefit from cell phone forensic recovery service if your phone is damaged by water or fire causing you to lose all photos and other important data. These cell phone forensic specialists are skilled enough to recover data even from damaged devices.

Why Hire XpressGuards For Your Cell Phone Forensic Recovery Service?

Handling sensitive information and providing data recovery services requires extensive training and advanced cell phone forensic skills. Given the value of the data in question, you cannot leave this in the hands of amateurs.

At XpressGuards, we have a team of highly experienced cell phone forensic data recovery scientists who can extract evidence and recover data from any mobile device. Whatever you need to recover from your phone or whatever evidence you require in your litigation, rest assured that our team of highly-trained scientists can help you. Contact us to talk about how we can help you. We provide 24/7 services across the nation.

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