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Hundreds of people visit the hospital every day for several reasons. However, this mass movement of people coming and going to hospitals are prone to many attacks and crimes. Therefore, a hospital security guard is needed to keep health workers, patients, employees, and every other person safe, while also protecting the hospital’s property. Here are what hospital security guards do:

• Identifying potential threats: This is arguably the most important quality of a competent security guard. They notice any suspicious activities and can deter them before any harm is done. For instance, a guard might patrol to check for violence from a mentally unstable person, domestic violence, gang crimes, drug abuse, theft, etc.

• Access control: Your hospital security also controls major entry points as well as exit points. They prevent people who have been banned or those with questionable behaviors from entering into the facility. They also make use of surveillance systems and monitor every activity right from conversation to movement. They also prevent unauthorized access to certain areas of the hospital.

• On-site action: If things get out of hand and chaos emerges, they can contain the individual or situation. For instance, they take the sting out of high-expressed emotions like frustration, anger, and emotional outbursts from patients and staff. The guards can also execute emergency procedures, activate alarm systems or call for law enforcement when there is a need.

• Protection of property: Hospitals have expensive machines and devices. A security guard can ensure proper storage of equipment and prevent any misuse or mishandling.

Hiring a hospital security guard means that you get to ensure the safety of lives and properties within the premises. XpressGuards has a team of competent hospital security staff that can handle any threats to your healthcare facility effectively. We have excellent communication skills and have received extensive training to protect your hospital. Contact us today.

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