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Unfortunately, things do not always end well between employers and employees. If the relationship leads to employee termination, many things have to be put in place to settle the issue. A drastic route to take involves going to court and standing before a tribunal. This process, however, is expensive, time-consuming, and hectic. A better way out is to initiate a settlement transaction.

Settlement Through Transaction

If you and your employer can manage to agree on an out of court settlement, then it is a good way to resolve the dispute. Like every other transaction, both parties have to agree to the terms. Consequently, the employer grants one or more of the following requests:

• Payment of an agreed amount of money to compensate for any grievances. An employee would need the services of an attorney for this. Besides, pensionable jobs might require greater compensation. This transaction also implies that no further action is taken at the court level.

• Issuing a certificate of employment: This must be done without any unnecessary delay. It helps the employee by being a reference to potential future employers. Also, it gives the person a right to any unemployment benefits. The certificate of employment could be either a brief or extended one depending on the situation.

• Agreement not to state the reason for dismissal: If the employee indulged in some malpractice, the employer might decide not to include the misconduct in any documentation.

Remember that all of these transactions are essentially irreversible, except there is a clause on the agreement. Both parties have to be careful in making decisions.

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