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Consider This Before Hiring a Personal Bodyguard

As proponents of smart hiring, we always preach the gospel of doing the most when hiring a security guard , most especially a bodyguard. A bodyguard recruiting process must be succinctly scrutinized to ensure that the best fit is hired and your safety is guaranteed. Bodyguards that are highly skilled and trained must satisfy other […]

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Do You Actually Need a Security Guard?

At XpressGuards , we believe it is vital to identify the need for a security guard before taking a step to hire one. Establishing some important facts will guide us, at XpressGuards, to suggest the best level and form of security guard you need. By doing this, you get the best team for the job, […]

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What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Security Team?

Whether for your business or personal use, you can never go wrong by hiring a security guard. At the very least, you would have maximum peace of mind and feel safe. Contrary to popular opinions, security and bodyguards are not meant for celebrities or high-profile individuals only. Instead, security guards are meant for anyone with […]

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What Are The Different Levels of Security Guards?

Prior to becoming a security guard , there is a need to undergo a series of training and be certified. However, there are three established levels of training that an intending security guard can undergo. These different levels have been classified based on the intensity of the training offered. We at XpressGuards believe adequately informing […]

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Tips on Hiring a Professional Bodyguard

Just like other professions, hiring a professional bodyguard requires mastering the art of recruitment. In the case of a bodyguard, there might be a little need to go the extra mile. This becomes more imperative when you intend on hiring directly for yourself and by yourself. Although should contract a security service agency just like […]

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Different Types of Security Guards

There are several different types of security . The most common are object security and event security, but there are a few more. In this article, the different types of security are explained in more detail. Object Security The term object security already explains a bit about what it is. In short, it is the […]

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