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Hire COVID-19 Security Guards For Your Business

COVID-19 Security Guards – Many firms have had to close their doors permanently or altogether change the way they do business due to a variety of factors ranging from forced closures and limited openings to mask orders and other social distancing rules. The new and constantly changing safety requirements have put a lot of strain […]

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Security Guards and Workplace Violence Protection

Security Guards and Workplace Violence – If you watch the news, you’ve probably heard news stories about workplace violence all around the country. You may believe that these scenarios are uncommon or that they would never occur at your place of business. Workplace violence is a reality that occurs frequently and in all industries. Workp […]

temporary security guards

Temporary Security Guard Services in Los Angeles

Temporary Security Guard Services – We understand that not every company or individual requires protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are many situations where hiring temporary security guards for your protection is more advantageous and cost-effective, especially as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. When hiring for …

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Is It Necessary For Your Company To Hire Fire Watch Guards?

Hire Fire Watch Guards – You are responsible for much more than your bottom line as a business owner or manager. You’re also in charge of the safety of everyone on the site, as well as the equipment that keeps it running. When an alarm system or sprinkler system fails, it puts your property and […]

construction site security guard services

Construction Site Security Guards: Why Do You Need Them?

Construction Site Security Guards – Because of their size and the high worth of the equipment and materials they contain, construction sites are among the most vulnerable targets for theft and vandalism. They’re especially vulnerable after hours, when construction workers aren’t on the job. If you’re in charge of a building si …

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Hire Security Guards for Your Retail Business

Hire Security Guards for Your Retail Business – Managing or managing a retail store entails a great deal of accountability. The safety of your merchandise, staff, and customers is your top priority. People are constantly coming in and out of retail stores. Theft and personal security issues are extremely serious worries when so many individual […]

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