business security guards

Office Complex and Building Security Guards

Complex and Building Security Guards There are numerous reasons why you might require security officers in your business office. We’ve listed some of the most common reasons for needing protection or guarding in a professional setting below. Vandalism and Crime Perhaps the area in which your business is located has a high crime rate, and […]

movie studio security guards

Security Guard Service for Film Studios

Security Guard Service for Film Studios in Los Angeles Our movie studio security guards make significant efforts in each location to deter, detect, delay, and protect against potential security breaches. Large productions necessitate security coverage, particularly for overnight asset protection. Nationwide, XpressGuards provides complete movie stud …

motorcade security service

Motorcade Escort Security Services

Motorcade Escort Services When senior government officials, dignitaries, foreign leaders, or other high-profile VIP’s visit a country, diplomatic protocol is required. This usually entails assigning them a motorcade with an executive security driver. A private security convoy is more than just a swarm of black, heavily tinted vehicles driving i …

traffic security guard services

Professional Traffic Control Services

Traffic Control Services & Security XpressGuards provides turnkey traffic control solutions. Single lane closures, multiple lane closures, two-way flagging operations, freeway lane closures, ramp closures, construction notice sign installation, and concrete & water-filled k-rail installation are among the services offered. Roadway monitors e …

diplomat security guard services

Do You Need Dignitary Protection?

The Modern Approach to Dignitary Protection Dignitaries are people who are regarded as important due to their position, high rank, or office. These established individuals are usually from another country and are well-respected by both residents of their home country and residents of the country they are visiting. This is due to the fact that […]

witness protection security guard services

Security and Protection for Eyewitnesses

Eyewitnesses Protection Services Witness protection is only provided for witnesses whose testimony is determined to be critical to the successful prosecution of a criminal case and whose life or the life of his family is in danger. The witness’s testimony must also be considered credible and certain in coming, which means that the witness will […]

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