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What You Need to Know About Loss Prevention?

Loss prevention is broadly seen as a two-fold corporate tool that helps companies avoid losses via external or internal theft. To achieve this, firms hire experts from the private security industry. Unlike regular security guards who ensure individuals’ safety, loss prevention security has its primary aim at preventing, apprehending, and inves …

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What Are The Types of Access Control Systems?

Access control helps organizations to regulate their security needs. Different organizations come with their unique access control types to minimize risks and enable operations to run smoothly. Types • Discretionary Access Control (DAC) Most operating systems use this protocol, and it is based on a familiar access control model. The owner or admin has …

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How To Improve Security on a Construction Site?

It is common knowledge that construction sites have become a hub for criminals to exploit. The open-access and daily traffic mean that these sites have morphed into the perfect place for thieves to target. Only a competent construction site security team can ensure that you don’t fall victim to fraudulent activities. There are several ways […]

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What Does a Hospital Security Guard Do?

Hundreds of people visit the hospital every day for several reasons. However, this mass movement of people coming and going to hospitals are prone to many attacks and crimes. Therefore, a hospital security guard is needed to keep health workers, patients, employees, and every other person safe, while also protecting the hospital’s property. Here ar […]

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How To Amicably Settle Employee Termination

Unfortunately, things do not always end well between employers and employees. If the relationship leads to employee termination , many things have to be put in place to settle the issue. A drastic route to take involves going to court and standing before a tribunal. This process, however, is expensive, time-consuming, and hectic. A better […]

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5 Benefits of Digital CCTV Systems

Analog and digital CCTV cameras are the camera systems available that provide powerful protection against criminal activity that pose a threat to both homes and businesses. Digital CCTVs or internet protocol cameras are used much more extensively than analog CCTVs since they allow users to utilize the internet to view their home or business while […]

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