best loss prevention security company

Why is Loss Prevention Security Important?

Loss prevention security guards are employed by a company to reduce damage, theft, and wastage in a business. Loss prevention is put in place to preserve a company’s profits by reducing certain risks. Loss prevention serves to protect a company’s assets and ensures that all processes that ensure that are in order. For example, loss […]

best fire watch security guards

What is a Fire Watch Security Guard?

Fire watch service is provided by highly-trained guards whose job is to patrol your property or business and identify fire hazards. They check a building looking for fire hazards and so that these hazards can be handled and fire outbreaks prevented. Fire watch security guards are usually hired on construction sites since these are dangerous […]

best access security guards los angeles

Components of an Access Control Security System

One of the ways to enhance a building’s security is the use of access control systems . They limit access and movements within the building. However, different components make this possible. They include: • Access cards: For sophisticated buildings, access cards replace keys. Each card comes with its unique code for a person. The cards […]

construction security guards los angeles

Why Do You Need Construction Security?

Every construction site is faced with numerous threats throughout the building process. The result, more often than not, is that the owner experiences huge losses. Therefore, one of the best measures to adopt to prevent this is getting security for your site. Reasons Why You Need Construction Security • To prevent theft: Probably the most […]

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What Makes XpressGuards the Best Hotel Security Company?

Hotel security guards ensure that both staff and visitors are safe, and they do this in different ways. From the lobby, there are security guards to monitor every movement in and out of the premises. They also coordinate parking, operate surveillance systems, deter violence, etc. Seeing the scope of hotel security services, it takes only […]

loss prevention security guards los angeles

What You Need to Know About Loss Prevention?

Loss prevention is broadly seen as a two-fold corporate tool that helps companies avoid losses via external or internal theft. To achieve this, firms hire experts from the private security industry. Unlike regular security guards who ensure individuals’ safety, loss prevention security has its primary aim at preventing, apprehending, and inves …

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