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How To Improve Security on a Construction Site?

It is common knowledge that construction sites have become a hub for criminals to exploit. The open-access and daily traffic mean that these sites have morphed into the perfect place for thieves to target. Only a competent construction site security team can ensure that you don’t fall victim to fraudulent activities. There are several ways […]

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What Does a Hospital Security Guard Do?

Hundreds of people visit the hospital every day for several reasons. However, this mass movement of people coming and going to hospitals are prone to many attacks and crimes. Therefore, a hospital security guard is needed to keep health workers, patients, employees, and every other person safe, while also protecting the hospital’s property. Here ar […]

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Why Hospital Security Guards Are a Must During COVID-19

A hospital is a public space that tends to have an open-door policy or environment. This kind of operation makes hospitals more susceptible than most other public places for intrusion, robberies, and violence. Although hospitals also use surveillance systems, these alone are not enough for situations that may require immediate human intervention. H …

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7 Things to Know About Health Care Security

Security patrol at XPressGuards is taken very seriously. For patrols to be effective, general rules and protocols must be followed and we make sure all our security guards know them. In healthcare security, there are seven key guidelines to know about before meeting prospective healthcare clients and they are as follows: There is heavy traffic […]

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