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Security Guards and Workplace Violence –

If you watch the news, you’ve probably heard news stories about workplace violence all around the country. You may believe that these scenarios are uncommon or that they would never occur at your place of business. Workplace violence is a reality that occurs frequently and in all industries. Workplace violence isn’t limited to active shooter scenarios like the ones we see on TV. It can also include threats of harassment or violence, as well as verbal harassment. And, unfortunately, many of these incidents go undetected.

The safety of a company’s employees is the first priority for its owners and managers. Managers can look for particular employee actions to identify disgruntled employees and alleviate the situation before it becomes violent. Although the following behaviors are common warning signals, it’s important to remember that not all of them are present, and some are only present to a minor extent. It is vital for you, as a manager or business owner, to put the behaviors into context while also proactively identifying potential risk factors to keep your employees safe.

6 Workplace Violence Warning Signs

Behavior Shifts in a Negative Way A negative change in conduct is an early warning indicator of probable violence. This could develop gradually or suddenly. A typically outgoing employee may begin to withdraw. A normally careful employee may become distracted and unproductive all of a sudden. A person who is normally laid-back may start to show signs of agitation, rage, or frustration.

If a manager detects these changes in behavior, they should take note and keep an eye on the problem so they can intervene as soon as possible.

A Feeling of Hopelessness

Employees who express sentiments of hopelessness, impotence, or lack of control may be displaying early indicators of aggressive conduct. These ideas may or may not be related to events at work, but they frequently concern personal circumstances that occur at home or in their communities. When someone has a strong sense of powerlessness, they may take potentially aggressive acts to reclaim it.

Aggressive Passive Behaviors

An employee’s passive aggressive behavior could indicate that he or she is agitated. Complaining to coworkers, spreading rumors about the firm, or publishing unfavorable opinions about the company or coworkers on social media platforms are all examples of this conduct. These actions may begin innocuously and be easily dismissed. These kinds of acts, on the other hand, may indicate that an employee is beginning to act aggressively.

Threats Made Verbally

People’s remarks can carry a lot of weight. A threat against a manager or coworker isn’t always made up of empty words. Threats that are vague can often be interpreted as actual future aggression. Any verbal threat made by a coworker should be reported to a manager and appropriate action taken as soon as possible.

Absences or Tardiness in Excess

Unexpected increases in absenteeism, as well as frequent instances of tardiness or leaving work early, may indicate that the employee is dissatisfied or upset in some way. If this conduct appears out of nowhere, managers should investigate to determine the source of the problem. Hopefully, it is a problem that can be remedied quickly and without causing harm to employees.

Weapons Piqued Interest

A new or increased preoccupation with firearms is another prominent warning indicator of a potential workplace violence issue. In the time leading up to a workplace violence incident, it’s not uncommon for an assailant to show an increased interest in weapons like firearms, bombs, or knives.

Violence in The Workplace is a Serious Threat

One of the first actions managers and business owners should take to protect their employees is to be able to spot the warning signals of a possibly unhappy or aggressive employee. Many firms, however, benefit from the presence of armed or unarmed security guards in the unfortunate case of a danger. Professional security guards have been properly trained to spot the warning signs of violence and to neutralize and handle a threat as it arises.

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