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Most businesses these days have some type of security to ensure the safety of their employees and equipment. You have probably seen both security guards with guns and those without. This depends on the security threats a business is facing.

Not everyone agrees that security guards should carry guns ,and they are not allowed to do so in every location. The law varies from state to state.

You might have a strong opinion on carrying guns and believe that they bring nothing but trouble. Also, you might worry that a security officer with a gun might scare your customers. But if you run a high value business that you need to protect, you might think twice before hiring just an unarmed security guard.

Why You Might Consider Hiring Armed Security

While unarmed security guards have the training, the skills, and the experience to protect you from potential threats, how will they stop an active shooter if they don’t have a gun, for example?

Unfortunately, one can never know what to expect, and anyone who watches the news is aware of that. If you really want to protect your business and your employees from thieves, dangerous criminals, and vandals, you will hire armed security.

One of the main reasons why security guards should be armed is because they deter criminals. The sight of an armed security officer on the premises will deter any criminal from attempting to commit robbery.

Another reason why security guards should carry weapons is that the police can’t always arrive immediately. In some cases, they arrive too late and the damage is already done. An armed security guard could detain the criminal and prevent damage if they have a gun.

Most businesses are concerned with liability issues when it comes to hiring armed security. This is ultimately a decision that you need to make based on the dangers that your business faces. Our experienced team at XPressGuards is happy to advise you on this and help you make a decision. Call of message us now.

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