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COVID-19 Security Guards –

Many firms have had to close their doors permanently or altogether change the way they do business due to a variety of factors ranging from forced closures and limited openings to mask orders and other social distancing rules.

The new and constantly changing safety requirements have put a lot of strain on business owners and managers who are still functioning in some manner. They must design adequate safety and sanitary measures for their personnel and consumers that comply with local requirements. If they fail, they may face fines or the shutdown of their firm. Furthermore, they must implement social distancing norms, which can place a hardship on enterprises, many of which already have a small staff.

Businesses of all sizes are looking to security guard companies to help them navigate these difficult times in order to relieve some of this burden. In recent weeks, as the COVID-19 outbreak has worsened, there has been a greater reliance on private security guard organizations to provide security and support. A security guard can perform a variety of important tasks to keep you and your business secure, compliant, and open for business. Continue reading to understand how private security guards can help you stay calm during the pandemic.

Services of Private Security Guards During the Pandemic of COVID-19

For both vital and non-essential enterprises and operations, local governments have begun to implement their own social distancing policies. Maintaining a 6-foot separation, limiting the amount of individuals in a space at one time, and wearing a mask or facial covering are all examples. Businesses and their employees are responsible for enforcing these rules; yet, asking your personnel to conduct their duties, monitor customers, and apply the regulations all at the same time can be difficult.

We’ve seen a number of news stories about consumers who refuse to follow the guidelines, particularly those concerning the wearing of masks. Irate consumers have approached employees, posing a threat to everyone inside the business’s safety and tarnishing the company’s brand.

Security guards can take care of enforcing safety and health rules without involving your personnel. Guards allow your employees to concentrate on their work rather than dealing with potentially irate consumers. The restrictions are enforced by uniformed guards in a professional and respectful manner, reducing the chance of an unsafe or dangerous contact.

Closed businesses and structures should be secured and protected

Despite the fact that some businesses have reopened, many others remain shuttered and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Owners of these homes must nevertheless keep an eye out for potential vandals, thieves, and squatters looking to take advantage of the vacancy. Mobile patrols are provided by security personnel who watch the property for suspicious activity and report any crimes to the appropriate authorities. To provide the best protection for your business, patrols can be both scheduled and random. Guards can be stationed at your access points in addition to patrols to guarantee that only those who are permitted are on the property during its closure.

Small and medium-sized businesses require security guards

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, if you own or operate a business, you are undoubtedly facing a tremendous deal of uncertainty. The scenario appears to alter on a daily basis, making it difficult for business owners to keep up with the demands of running a company while adhering to safety and health procedures. Private security guards are more important than ever to business owners and managers who want to keep their staff and customers secure while keeping their businesses open and operating.

Are you thinking about employing security guards for your company? Do you have any doubts about whether it is the best option for you? Contact XPressGuards immediately to speak with one of our security experts about your pandemic security needs.

Our team works with folks just like you every day who are worried about running their businesses in these unpredictable times. A free consultation with one of our experts will assist you in determining the level of protection required to achieve the desired goals. We’ve helped hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses secure their locations by deploying highly trained, armed and unarmed guards on a temporary or permanent basis. To learn more about our customized security guard services, give us a call now or message us.

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