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Construction Site Security Cameras

These days, cameras are everywhere including construction sites, and for a good reason. Construction sites are places filled with heavy, expensive equipment worth thousands of dollars as well as building materials. These are often attractive to thieves who may attempt to steal them and sell them. Why do construction sites need security cameras? Secu …

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7 Things to Know About Health Care Security

Security patrol at XPressGuards is taken very seriously. For patrols to be effective, general rules and protocols must be followed and we make sure all our security guards know them. In healthcare security, there are seven key guidelines to know about before meeting prospective healthcare clients and they are as follows: There is heavy traffic […]

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5 Benefits of Digital CCTV Systems

Analog and digital CCTV cameras are the camera systems available that provide powerful protection against criminal activity that pose a threat to both homes and businesses. Digital CCTVs or internet protocol cameras are used much more extensively than analog CCTVs since they allow users to utilize the internet to view their home or business while […]

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Can Technology & Drones Replace Security Guards?

Digital transformation has become increasingly popular, with organizations relying on digital technologies to streamline their operations and improve their customer experience. CCTV technology, first invented in 1942, has made major improvements within recent years. CCTV now has digital (IP) options available to clients who need this kind of monitor …

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5 Tips to Keep Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, security personnel are expected to continue their service to the public, while keeping safe and combating the virus. Below are helpful guidelines from the Center for Disease Control for security personnel and law enforcement. 1. Know the Signs and Symptoms Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, difficulty brea […]

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4 Benefits of The Human Element in The Digital Era

The roles of security guards are always changing. Security guard services require constant updates to knowledge pools since legal statuses tend to change. Being a security guard requires versatility since the technology used in their daily activities is also quickly evolving. Though technology has its advantages, the human element is still very muc …

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