digital era security guards

The roles of security guards are always changing. Security guard services require constant updates to knowledge pools since legal statuses tend to change. Being a security guard requires versatility since the technology used in their daily activities is also quickly evolving. Though technology has its advantages, the human element is still very much needed for the services provided to be a success.

1. Perimeter Security

This requires knowing the area well enough to spot trouble quickly and ascertain how best to navigate when trouble occurs. Security cameras allow you to monitor several areas at the same time. The challenge is that their viewing range tends to be limited.

2. Concierge Security

Having physical staff on hand in parties or at a hotel provides a sense of comfort in case of sudden attack or bad actors. Security for an outdoor or impromptu event will also require more personnel on hand. Digital security has its advantages, however, several hours of research go into the placement of such devices.

3. Employee Security

One common role of a security guard is to keep other employees safe while at work. They are also vital in keeping agitated employees from lashing out. Services at checkpoints such as metal detectors near entrances need to be manned by security personnel.

4. Asset Security

Protecting physical assets will continue to be one of the more common facets of security guard services. They work to keep assets protected from both man and non-man-made dangers. Trained personnel on-site can react to issues with fires, weather, or evacuations in case of earthquakes.

The world is filled with daily challenges but it is also filled with solutions that require a human element. At XPressGuards, we’re here to help you navigate these challenges. Our experienced staff is waiting to help you. Contact us now.

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