cctv security camera installation

Analog and digital CCTV cameras are the camera systems available that provide powerful protection against criminal activity that pose a threat to both homes and businesses. Digital CCTVs or internet protocol cameras are used much more extensively than analog CCTVs since they allow users to utilize the internet to view their home or business while away.

Some of the advantages of having a digital CCTV system installed for your security needs are:

1. Higher Image Quality

These cameras offer a much higher resolution than analog cameras. Business owners who choose to use digital CCTVs entertain a much higher possibility of helping the police find and arrest a suspect because of the high-resolution images.

2. Less Wiring

IP cameras only need to be wired to a network switch or wireless network which will transfer the signals to the NVR, this minimizes the wiring needed. The cameras powered through a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) capable network.

3. Reliable and Secure Transmission

Digital transmissions are not disrupted by other devices. Most digital CCTV systems have in-built encryption, ensuring unauthorized access to your video recordings is prevented.

4. Greater Coverage and Detailed Analytics

Digital cameras can provide up to three times more coverage than analog cameras. They also can zoom in without becoming too grainy. Digital cameras also provide analytics, since they can be programmed to flag unusual motion and send alerts.

5. Remote Accessibility

Remote accessibility gives people the peace of mind they want while away from their premises. Users can view the footage and control the camera’s position while being away.

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