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Security patrol at XPressGuards is taken very seriously. For patrols to be effective, general rules and protocols must be followed and we make sure all our security guards know them. In healthcare security, there are seven key guidelines to know about before meeting prospective healthcare clients and they are as follows:

  1. There is heavy traffic in the inpatient facilities among employees, patients, and visitors. Security guards must know the layout and foot traffic of these areas so they can provide proper services.
  2. In the emergency department, there can be chaos and very emotional people. Keeping calm and maintaining order is vital. Also, this area is used 24/7 for ambulatory and non-ambulatory operations. Therefore, security guards should keep this area accessible and as clear as possible.
  3. Mental health areas tend to have a higher risk of violent incidents. This may occur because of a patient’s condition. As such, it may require a different type of security response.
  4. Pharmacies store drugs and controlled substances. So, they should have physical safeguards and proper guard training to minimize the risk of theft.
  5. There is also a high risk of theft at the cashiers/cash collection areas. Guards posted within these areas should know about transportation, storage of money, and the protocol for collection.
  6. The pediatric departments are very vulnerable. Infant abduction is a real threat so having prevention systems in place is very important. Not only should you have an on-site security guard but you should also have video monitoring, access control, and response planning.
  7. Last but not least, hospitals file a lot of private information about patients. It is critical for healthcare security to pay attention when on patrol and to be well trained so they can help protect this information.

These are the main areas that need attention at any healthcare facility. Contact us, the most professional, trained, security guards at XPressGuards for your healthcare security needs.

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