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Digital transformation has become increasingly popular, with organizations relying on digital technologies to streamline their operations and improve their customer experience. CCTV technology, first invented in 1942, has made major improvements within recent years.

CCTV now has digital (IP) options available to clients who need this kind of monitoring. These improvements are due to the unprecedented threat level present at capacity-crowd events. Security companies make use of multifocal, ultra-HD cameras to comprehensively monitor vast fields of activity. Some models can even record entire stadiums at international events.

Security Drones

In some sense, these new cameras represent a sea of change for the security industry. Unlike traditional camera models, this new technology enables you to monitor specific high-risk areas while still maintaining a total field of view. To the customer, this may sound like a secure alternative to having manned personnel at capacity-crowd events.

Some clients might argue why the need for plenty of funds to be allocated to physical security. The installation of this technology would work as well, if not better, than the handful of people who are working on the ground. However, while undoubtedly useful, a camera will not be able to intervene should an incident arise. Hence there is still an obvious need for human presence.

You Still Need Physical Security Guards

We can safely say that the use of security technology will rise, resulting in cases where it makes complete sense to replace people with technology, from both a business and safety perspective. However, technology will not totally remove the need for a physical presence at some locations. Since the physical presence of an individual is still a major deterrent to someone with ill intent, it’s still the best option when intervention is needed.

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