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Security Guards

National Security Guard Services Are you looking for the best security company or guards that you can trust? Do you want the best in the industry for a competitive price? Look no further than XPressGuards for all your security needs, regardless of the style or size of your request. We offer high-quality security services throughout […]

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Commercial Security

Commercial Security Guards While modern technology helps with your security, the human element is just as important. For several decades, private security guards have supplemented law enforcement, and many business owners still use security guards along with high tech security systems. For business owners, security guards are essential to keep you an …

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Employee Termination

Employee Termination Security Security guards can handle multiple areas of security including employee termination. It’s not commonly known that security guards are used to handle employee termination security, but at XPressGuards, we’re well-equipped to handle this task. We offer security and bodyguard services throughout the nation, an …

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Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention Security Guards Utilizing the expertise of a security company or bodyguard can be beneficial in a variety of ways. At XPressGuards, we’re incredibly well versed to handle any situation that you and your business may face. One area of security that we’re able to help you with is loss prevention security. Our professional […]

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Hospital Security

Hospital Security Guards Hospital Security Guards often go unrecognized, but they’re an integral component of the safety and operation of any given hospital. At XPressGuards , we offer the best in security for hospitals, as well as any other situation requiring security across the country. Our teams of security guards are more than well equippe […]

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Hotel Security

Hotel Security Guards Hiring a hotel security guard team is a necessity for all hotel owners, operators, and managers. It provides a safe feeling for guests and employees, as well as lowering the risk of danger within the environment. In nearly every hotel across the country, there are at least a few security guards, whether […]

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