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If you’ve just hired our security detail to patrol your neighborhood, you might be curious what to anticipate as your security services begin. While it is refreshing to know that you will soon be receiving security services and assistance, you may be concerned about how your security staff arrives at their suggestions for your services. Below is a little more information on how your security guards go about creating patrol plans and paths for your specific services.

Examining the Situation

When you start receiving assistance from one of our security officer firms in the surrounding areas, our team’s first step is to inspect the area they are guarding. Your new security team will require a great deal of information, including the size of the place, floor space (if they are protecting a building or warehouse), and entrance/exit data. They can decide the type of security guards required to secure the area they are allocated to once they have a complete profile of their assignment.

Assessing Security Risks

The next step in creating a patrol for you is to evaluate the current safety concerns and risks. Security guard services in Los Angeles and nearby regions are intended to address any security issues or problems you may be experiencing. Your security team may request a great deal of detailed information about any security issues you have encountered.

Inform your team if you have had previous break-ins or graffiti. If you have started to notice suspicious behavior on one side of your parking lot more frequently than the other, this is also useful information. Thorough and factual data about your previous security issues assists your team in fleshing out the services you require.

Choose a Route

Your security team will form the necessary team once they have a full overview of their assigned area of operation and the security risks. They will also discover a standard patrol destination and a time range to patrol within.

Keep in mind that your security team will purposefully change your patrol route and time to thwart criminal activity. However, once they’ve established a blueprint for their patrol, it’ll be much easier to modify it. Your patrols will be advantageous given the information you provide. Contact XpressGuards now to learn more about our security guard services.

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