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Hotel security guards are one of the first lines of defense in protecting your hotel and business against intruders. There are many kinds of threats to hotels, so the need for hotel security guards is almost always greater than for private residences. For instance, in hotels and motels, there are often break-ins, and at times, intruders try to access your room through windows or doorways. Therefore, you want to make sure that the security guard you hire knows what they’re doing.

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The basic duty of hotel security guards is to monitor activity in the lobby and the front of the hotel. They are responsible for monitoring the front desk to make sure that your room is being used only by guests, and that the keys to your room are only used by you and by a trusted staff member.

If anything is being stolen from the room or any valuables, the security guard will take a list of these items and replace them with new ones as soon as possible. This ensures that the guests are safe and secure in their room while the hotel staff is doing other things. In addition, the hotel security guard is responsible for the reception desk, which is usually where you can leave your hotel card after you have been dropped off, or at the front desk if you stay overnight.

Hotel Security Guards Protect The Clients and Staff

Another important duty of a security guard is to ensure that your room has a lock on your door. The door lock on the door should be in perfect working condition. It should be secure and have a keypad programmed to open the door by the specific code you provide, which is also the same code that your room key uses to open it.

Also, if you have a video security camera, it will provide a very good view of the inside of your room. Make sure you allow a qualified professional, who has at least six years of experience in hotel security, to enter your room. It is also important that you allow a professional to inspect the area outside your window and to make sure that no one is lurking in the shadows near your window, since this is an obvious spot for someone to break-in. Contact us to request more information or a free quote on our hotel security guards.

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