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Hire Private Investigators as Mystery Shoppers –

Hiring mystery shoppers to evaluate and improve customer service is a valid tactic used by many businesses. Sure, any business can place an ad online searching for mystery shoppers and any individual looking for an extra income can apply. However, although no special skills are required for this type of service, we wouldn’t advise you to hire just any random mystery shoppers online. We would suggest that you hire professionals with experience in private investigating.

In a way, mystery shopping is an investigation where a mystery shopper observes and evaluates the quality of service at any given store. They interact with the employees and make unbiased conclusions about the interaction. Finally, mystery shoppers write detailed reports about their observations and overall experience. This is where all the experience and background in private investigations can be of huge help.

Professional Private Investigators 

Private investigators and professionals at XPressGuards know exactly how to write a good report that can help businesses improve their customer experience.

Additionally, they have excellent observational skills since the nature of their job requires them to be vigilant at all times. This means they might detect some things that random mystery shoppers wouldn’t.

Qualified and experienced mystery shoppers know exactly what to do when they enter a store and know what to observe. They will pay attention to everything and ensure to include it in their report. Additionally, private investigators are allowed by law to gather evidence of theft or fraud conducted by your employees. Not only will our mystery shoppers gather the right data but they will produce useful reports that can help you grow your business. Contact us now for more information.

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