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What is Bug Sweeping Service? –

If you enjoy spy movies, then you might be familiar with the term bug sweeping. However, it doesn’t happen in movies only. Back in the day, the so-called bugs were quite simple and would typically be installed in one’s landline phone. Today, they are more sophisticated and harder to detect. This means that anyone can be vulnerable to spying.

A bug sweep is a term used to describe a service that involves inspection of a certain room, car, or any other area in search of bugs or listening devices. If you suspect that your car, your yacht, your home, office, or any other area is bugged/contains hidden listening devices or cameras, then you should take action immediately and hire professional bug sweepers. Most bugs can record and transmit audio, video, or data and sensitive information thus putting you in a compromising position.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in Florida

Bug sweep or Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures involves the use of adequate tools such as frequency scanners, thermal imagers, broadband receivers, x-ray machines, and various other detection equipment to inspect an area. The task requires professionals with the necessary technical skills to scan and survey a designated area and detect hidden electronic devices.

A bug sweep team will inspect all parts of an area such as walls, ceilings, all the electronic devices such as phones, office equipment, appliances, any wires that can transmit data, etc. This way, the bug sweepers can detect any unauthorized devices that could be hidden in your vehicle or office. If there are any listening devices in the designated area, they will be detected.

If you’re concerned about potential bugs in your home or office, don’t hesitate to call us. Our team of qualified bug sweeping professionals has the right technology and skills to detect any harmful devices in any area you need us to inspect. Call or message us now.

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