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The security industry is big and involves various types of security services. People hire security guards to protect their businesses, properties, homes, etc. The presence of a security guard is practically mandatory nowadays as it deters crime.

There are three categories of security: management security, operational security, and physical security. However, there are various types of security services under these three categories.

Types of Security Services Include:

Fire watch security. Fire watch security guards specialize in preventing fire outbreaks and handling them in the best way possible if they occur to protect lives and equipment. These security guards are trained in detecting fire hazards and acting promptly to prevent a fire outbreak.

Personal security. If you’re a celebrity or you feel your life is threatened, a personal security guard can make you feel safe. They will escort you to and from places, monitor your surroundings, and immediately act to protect you if they notice anything suspicious. Celebrities usually have personal security guards by their side at concerts or during public appearances. They accompany you to places whenever required.

Event security. If you’re hosting a big event and you want to mitigate the risks associated with large gatherings, event management service can provide this protection. Event security guards monitor and control access points preventing any unauthorized persons from entering. They check the guests’ and verify they have a valid ticket, etc. Events that include a lot of people are always risky as you never know who can start causing trouble. Event security guards prevent conflicts and properly resolve it if it occurs.

Technical security. Technical security involves the installation of a monitoring system at your residential or commercial property and monitoring who comes and goes. Technical security guards can monitor your property 24/7, if necessary, to ensure no intruders access your home or building.

Business security. Business owners hire security guards to protect their employees, their equipment, and all the visitors that access the building. Business security guards can be hired to secure construction sites, hotels, hospitals, high-value cargo transport, etc.

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