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It takes a special skill set to become a professional, licensed security guard. It’s a job that involves a high level of risk and is, therefore, not suited for everyone.

Some of the skills security guards must have include:

Physical Fitness. A security guard must be physically ready in order to protect their client. Their job often requires confronting offenders or running after them so they must exercise and be within a healthy weight range.

Alertness. One of the most important skills a security guard must have is alertness and attention to detail. They must remain vigilant at all times to identify potential threats and act accordingly. This requires concentration and staying focused on the surroundings. A security guard must not allow anything to distract them from their duty. They must think and act fast when they identify a problem and find the best methods to resolve it.

Communication Skills. A good security guard is also a good communicator. Communication is the key to resolving a problematic situation, so a security guard must be good with words. Another reason why this is very important is the fact that your security guard is the first person your clients see when they arrive. They represent your brand and provide customer service when needed. This requires solid communication skills.

Leadership. While security guards are quite independent in their work, leadership skills are very desirable. Sometimes, a situation requires group work to resolve a problem. In this case, a security guard acts as a leader and instructs others in what to do. For example, a security guard may instruct employees on how to behave in case of an emergency such as a fire. If a fire outbreak does occur, a security guard will guide people to safety and give clear instructions. A good security guard also knows when to take orders from others and do as told.

Honesty. Finally, a good security guard is honest and straightforward with the client. Their safety and protection depend on their security guard so it is important to be able to trust your security guard.

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