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Patrol Security Officers –

Visibility is an extremely effective criminal deterrent. Uniformed patrol officers can contribute to employee safety and lower the danger of vandalism or theft on your property or at your facility simply by their presence. The clothes worn by XPressGuards security professionals indicate their authority and professionalism.

We Prevent and Resolve Issues Prior to Their Inception
Whether on foot, bicycle, Segway, or in a car, our officers maintain a constant presence and are trained to recognize anything out of the norm – and to avoid issues before they begin.

Around-the-Clock Security Patrols Provide Numerous Benefits:

  • Contributes to the creation of a safe work environment
  • Prevents damage, theft, and intruders
  • Prompt response to emergencies
  • Recognize and respond to crises and fires
  • Prompt notification of law enforcement, fire, and emergency services personnel
  • Notify you of potentially hazardous conditions, such as water leaks or power outages
  • Online reporting in real time for tracking and client transparency
  • Consider the following ways our security patrol services can benefit you:

Patrol of Vehicles

  • Making public appearances in a distinctive, designated vehicle
  • Taking a tour of the site, including the parking decks and lots
  • Driving in random patterns throughout the property
  • Programs of vacation surveillance and community surveillance

Services of Foot Patrol

  • Making a predetermined number of daily visits
  • Conducting an inspection of the entire property, including the grounds
  • Examining windows, doors, and locks of cars, loading docks, and illegally parked vehicles, as well as other specified sites.
  • Assuring the security of office spaces, locking file cabinets, and turning off appliances
  • Conducting visual inspections of fuse boxes, safes, fire and smoke detectors, as well as lights and ceiling fans
  • Examining pipelines for cracks, leaks, and other anomalies
  • Conducting thermostat checks to ensure that a desired temperature is maintained

Services of Bicycle Patrol

  • Riding in random routes throughout the property
  • Riding around portions of the land that are inaccessible to vehicles
  • Taking a tour of parking garages and lots

Specialized Patrol Services

Our patrol services are tailored to your specific requirements. Patrol officers are frequently tasked with locking and unlocking facilities, turning on and off lighting and heating/cooling systems, closing windows, doing drive-by security checks, providing after-hours security escorts, and responding to alarms. Additionally, they serve to dissuade trespassers on your land. If necessary, patrol personnel should coordinate their efforts with local law enforcement.

Details Regarding Each Security Patrol

Because it is critical to know how your security agents are performing, we give you with thorough reports on each patrol. These comprise written reports and activity records when circumstances are normal, and incident reports when officers observe something unusual.

Reduce Costs While Increasing Safety

Patrol services are a more cost-effective option to on-site security guards. You can increase their effectiveness by placing warning signs that read “protected,” “monitored,” or “patrolled.” Even if you currently have security professionals, patrol services might help increase visibility. You may discover that patrolling a region during off-hours requires fewer officers, lowering your costs. Contact us immediately for additional details.

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