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Good professional security guard equipment with the right quality and appearance is important for a security guard to his work properly. Authority, image, and recognizability as a security guard play an important role when he or she is on a job.

First, clothing must be of good quality, professional, and fit comfortably. Safety work shoes must not only provide a good fit but must also offer a firm grip and good protection against wind and weather. At the same time, shoes need to be able to withstand a bump. Furthermore, an outer jacket must offer enough freedom of movement and the pants must be strong, light-wearing pants that are easy to clean.

Security Guard Clothing

The correct clothing and supporting tactical equipment such as security vests, tie belts, safety glasses, and accessories, such as gloves, headgear, and flashlight are necessary to work as a security guard to ensure safety for the security guard and his environment. Flashlights are not only to lighten up dark places on the premises. They are also used as a weapon to knock-out criminals unexpectedly.

Sometimes, security guards are equipped with pepper-spray as well. Often with larger crowds, security guards can use this spray to control the crowd easier and quicker.

Next to the common security guard equipment, armed security guards are also equipped with a firearm. This can be a small pistol carried in a holster under a jacket or in a belt around the waist. An armed security guard can also be equipped with an automatic firearm. This is often carried in front of the body with on a strap.

A bit less uncommon equipment to be carried by an armed security guard is a bullet-belt. You would only see this kind of equipment in war zones. Ammunition belts are often not part of the common security guard equipment. Contact us now for more information about our security guard services.

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