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Many new security innovations, such as robots that can watch a business and cell phone apps that track local crime, can keep you informed about questionable activities. Despite all of these advancements, successful business owners continue to employ mobile security patrols to safeguard their operations. They understand that a person on the ground who can examine, monitor, and probe questionable conduct is important.

Every business owner wants to get the most protection for the least amount of money. Deterrence is a major aspect in minimizing crime, which means your property will be safer. Professional security services like XPressGuards understand this. It can also help you save 15% to 20% on your insurance costs.

A mobile patrol of policemen in a clearly marked security car visiting your home numerous times a night is one of the most effective ways to achieve that deterrence. This type of mobile patrol service is provided by XPressGuards in numerous major cities across the United States. We’ve had franchise stores in cities including Houston, Austin, and Dallas, as well as many others across the country.

Why is it better to have roving patrol security?

Different scenarios necessitate various levels of protection. Static security guards have a number of advantages, particularly in high-traffic areas where crowd control and entry management are likely to be issues. Static security agents can’t be everywhere at once for enterprises like a multi-story car park or a gated community. A guard may be able to monitor many security cameras and buzz individuals in and out of the premises from a centrally situated pillbox, gate, or office, even late at night, but if anything happens, they will be slow to react.

Whatever the problem, you need a solution that is clearly visible and can respond quickly to changing conditions. One solution is to hire roving cops to perform security patrols.

Save money while boosting deterrence

The cost of hiring a mobile patrol squad like XPressGuards isn’t nearly as high as you would think. Our mobile patrols are able to visit many sites throughout a shift due to the greater mobility given by automobiles. So, while they’re not inspecting your place of business, they’re inspecting another. This means you split the cost of the security service with another person, potentially saving you two or three times what you would pay for individualized round-the-clock security.

To police your site, our mobile patrol agents arrive in highly visible marked security vans with lights. Criminals are unable to monitor their schedule and plan accordingly since these patrol services conduct random visits throughout the night. Potential thieves will be deterred by the lights and decals, which plainly identify the car as a patrol car. Depending on which option you choose, your mobile patrol security officer will either be armed or unarmed.

The deterrent effect of mobile security is widely understood by insurance companies. By opting for a mobile patrol, you may be able to save anywhere from 10% to 15% on your insurance cost. A mobile patrol is also significantly less expensive than static guards, who can only cover so much ground. A mobile patrol will help you boost safety while cutting expenditures if you have a large property.

Roving Patrol: An Overview

Our goal is to deliver roving patrols that are unrivaled in terms of personalized client care, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge technology. To guarantee that no illicit activity is taking place, patrol personnel physically inspect all accessible gates, doors, parking, and garage areas. When they’ve finished their examination, they use XPressGuard’s high-tech tracking system to record their visit. Documentation not only gives the client peace of mind, knowing that their stuff is safe, but it also serves as crucial proof in the event of a lawsuit.

Officers must not only be outfitted with GPS so that you know where they are, but they must also photograph the property while on patrol. Information is updated in real time and published on a client-accessible website. Customers can go onto their accounts at any time to check patrols and see daily updates from officers. They’ll be able to share this information with law enforcement or property managers if necessary. This information will be shared with key staff in gated communities in particular.

Personnel with Prior Experience

Many vital functions are performed by security guard patrol services. As a result, we employ the most up-to-date training and data analysis to provide the best possible service to our clients. At XPressGuards, this begins with the hiring of personnel with prior military or law enforcement experience. Their specific skills are combined with anti-terrorism, criminal law, defensive tactics, patrol procedures, and first aid/CPR training. In addition to these areas of training, all supervisory workers are taught in various types of data analysis, allowing them to identify reoccurring problems at a location and apply remedies to stop illegal activity. We hire only the best by putting them through specialized aptitude exams, thorough background checks, and drug testing.

On Demand Security

Security on demand is one of XPressGuards’ most intriguing and creative offerings. For instance, if a property management requires a neighborhood security patrol on a specified day and time, they can call us and order the service in minutes. This implies that instead of worrying about long-term commitments, clients can have police on duty where and when they are needed. Clients of XPressGuards simply pay for the services they require, making us the most cost-effective solution.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to keep your property safe. With XPressGuards, you can obtain the protection and peace of mind you deserve at a fair price by leveraging current technology and our highly equipped and well trained security crew. To book your mobile patrol protection plan, call now or fill out our contact form.

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