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Security Guards are First Responders –

Crime rates around the world are not declining. On the contrary, criminals and thieves lurk everywhere and no area is 100% safe.

This creates a demand for private security services for businesses and private estates. Security guards hired to protect a business or private property are often first responders in situations of emergencies or crime.

Since they patrol a designated area and watch out for any suspicious activities, security guards are also the first to react if something happens. They must think fast and take action right away to protect the property and minimize the damage.

In cases of emergencies such as fire outbreaks or natural disasters, security guards are the ones who alert the local fire department, evacuate the building ensuring everyone exits safely, and assist injured persons by providing first aid.

First Line of Defense

Being the first line of defense at a location requires vigilance, clear-headed thinking, and being able to strictly follow a security protocol. Security guards are often faced with dangerous situations such as handling a violent intruder or detaining thieves. They must confront dangerous individuals and protect the employees as well as the property.

Security guards are trained in using verbal language to resolve conflicts first. They apply various techniques to deescalate a dangerous situation and only if that fails, they use force and detain an individual. Then, they contact the law enforcement and wait for them to arrive and take over. Often, this requires following orders from law enforcement regarding the detainee until the police arrive.

As first responders, security guards are trained on how to act in different scenarios they might encounter on the job. This is why their role is so valuable for businesses as well as for individuals concerned about their safety. Contact us to get started.

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