what security guards cant do

Trained security guards know what their duties are and what they can or can’t do. This is what enables them to protect you and your company.

Security guards are trained to spot criminal activities and prevent them. They patrol an area while keeping an eye on suspicious activities. If and when they notice something suspicious going on, they immediately act to prevent any harm.

When hired to protect a property/business, security guards are allowed to pursue a criminal or intruder while in the area. This is considered to be in their jurisdiction. However, the moment when the criminal leaves the property, it is no longer in the security guard’s jurisdiction.

Security guards can check whether the suspicious individual/offender carries any arms. They are also allowed to check their identification.

Security guards are not allowed to use offensive language and discriminate against the offender, to verbally threaten them, or cause them physical pain in any way.

Can security guards make arrests?

Generally speaking, security guards do not have more authority than any private citizen. However, in some situations when there is a cause for it, a security guard can arrest an offender. This applies to situations when the security guards catch someone committing a crime such as stealing something from the shop. If they make an arrest, they are to call the police right away and wait for them to arrive and take over.

Can a security guard detain someone?

Yes, in some states, security guards can detain individuals if they have witnessed a crime or felony offense or have reason to believe that a crime or felony offense took place. The security guard is to call the authorities and wait until the police arrive. Contact us if you need a professionally trained security team.

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