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Security Guard Responsibilities 

We know that security guards are hired to protect businesses and individuals but what exactly does that job entail? What are their primary responsibilities?

This depends on the specific job a security guard is hired to do since there are so many types of security services available. The duties of a fire watch security guard will surely be different from the duties of a VIP bodyguard.

However, the core of their job remains the same: to protect the client.

The primary responsibilities of security guards include:

  • Observing and reporting
  • Identifying suspicious behavior/threats
  • Being visible
  • Access control/monitoring properties
  • Communicating with local authorities
  • Providing customer service

Observing and responding is the primary role of a security guard whether they’re hired to protect a single individual or a business such as a large shopping mall or an office building. Security guards patrol an area and identify potential threats. They report their observations to the site manager/client.

One of the many reasons why security officers are hired is because their presence deters criminals. That is why security officers must be visible at all times. When criminals see a security guard present, they are less likely to attempt to break in or commit theft.

Monitor Your Property 

Security guards ensure that no unauthorized persons can access a building. They monitor the estate/building and ensure that no intruders gain access to the premises.

When security guards notice something suspicious or when they detain a thief/intruder, they contact the local authorities and wait for them to arrive and take over. In case of a fire outbreak, security officers contact the fire department and take action to minimize the damage until they arrive.

Security guards are often the first point of contact for customers. In this case, they can provide valuable customer service by responding to customers’ questions, guiding them in the right direction, etc. Contact us for more information.

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