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In our technologically advanced era, it can be simple to believe that everything—even security—has been resolved by technology.
There are several cutting-edge security systems available that can improve the security of your warehouse, and they might be a wise investment. Nevertheless, despite how excellent it is, some things technology simply cannot accomplish.

A warehouse security guard, or a team of them, is a need, not a wish, if your company operates one or more warehouses.
Here are seven strong arguments for why you require them.

1. Guard Your Workers

Your staff members have a right to feel secure at work and to receive individualized attention. Unfortunately, the fact that valuable inventory is kept in all warehouses means that they will always be a target for criminals. If the bad guys ever attack, your staff need to know that they are secure. A well-trained team of warehouse security guards will be comfortable using video surveillance, doing routine security checks, and will be aware of what to do in the event that thieves attempt to break in.

2. Prevent Crime

Although it may seem obvious, warehouse guards are essential for recognizing odd behavior and spotting low-level criminality early on before it gets out of hand. Criminals that are looking to rob a warehouse will be aware of the surveillance. In addition to cameras, having people patrols can be a potent deterrent.

3. Assist The Police

Naturally, the police are your best line of defense against crime. However, the testimony of security personnel is extremely valuable in helping the police carry out their duties successfully. Your warehouse security guards are frequently the first to call the authorities and can offer crucial information about any potentially sinister behaviors they may have seen.

4. Increase Staff Morale

Employee morale can be greatly boosted by a security team’s calming presence. Employing a security guard can provide your staff the peace of mind they need to perform their responsibilities, especially if they work around the clock or when there aren’t many other employees around. The benefit for you is that motivated personnel are more productive and likely to stick around.

5. Lessen Workplace Theft

Sadly, dangers don’t just come from people outside the warehouse and distribution center industry. Employee theft reportedly costs American businesses $50 billion annually, according to numerous reports. Inventory theft from warehouses is a frequent issue in many businesses.

How Can Warehouse Security Officers Lower The Risk?

Guards at the warehouse can keep an eye on your workers. While it is regrettable that this is necessary, by identifying and promptly dealing with employee theft before the inventory ever leaves the warehouse, they can head off issues before they arise. Employees can also be subjected to security pat-down inspections when they enter and exit the building, preventing them from removing inventory from the location. Naturally, you must adhere to proper vetting methods for your warehouse security guards if you decide to build an in-house security team. You’ll be leaving the fox in charge of the hen-house if you don’t.

6. Address urgent situations

Within the warehouse, emergencies can occasionally happen for reasons other than illegal activity. An employee can become suddenly ill and need medical attention, or there might be a fire. There may occasionally be an altercation amongst staff that needs to be defused. Warehouse guards excel in this situation. Everybody’s safety is their top priority, no matter what situation develops. If properly trained, they are also capable of administering first aid in emergency situations.

7. Aiding Clients

It can be intimidating when new distributors or suppliers arrive at the warehouse. They can get assistance from security officers who are on duty. Security guards may provide a significant service by making customers feel well-cared for while they are on site, whether they are only seeking for the restroom or need to be led to meet with management.

8. Stop the Real Criminals

For precisely who may enter the premises and who may not, the majority of firms have defined protocols. A warehouse security guard will typically be the first person that visitors encounter at the parking lot gate. They have the confidence to turn away anyone who does not have the proper authorization because they have the training to know precisely what credentials visitors require.

9. They Are Familiar With The Area Completely

A warehouse security guard’s duty is to know your property like the back of their hand. They are aware of all the weaknesses and potential hiding places that malicious individuals can try to use to access your merchandise. They are in the best position to find anyone they observe during their surveillance so they can neutralize the threat. They are familiar with all potential escape routes and hiding places. Many criminals can be deterred by just knowing that a security crew with that level of expertise is present, sending them on their way to an easier target.

10. Let Each Individual Do Their Job

The last thing you want to worry about as a business owner or employee is your security. You need to concentrate on accomplishing your work as best as you can because you have one to do. You feel more at ease knowing that there is a team of security personnel on duty. Knowing that they have your back in case of problems allows you to focus on what you do best. Contact us for more information.

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