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Security guards play an essential role in keeping our environment safe from mischief or criminal activities. More often than not, security guards tend to overlook their safety. Regardless of whether their job is to protect people, property, or assets; being equipped with the right equipment is vital to ensure their safety. Below is a list of pieces of equipment that should be used by the modern-day security guards to reduce risk and ensure safety.

Security Clothing: This is one of the essential items a security guard must have, and it consists of the following;

High-visibility Clothing: High visibility clothing distinguishes you from public members and alerts intending criminal and troublemakers of your presence, which may discourage them from attempting mischief. It also makes it easier to find you both day and night if anything goes wrong.

Armored Vest: This will protect guards from a range of violent incidents like gunshots and stabbing.

Two-Way Radio: This allows security personnel to communicate with the base center or other security guards. With this, they can radio in any disturbances or emergencies promptly.

Smartphone: Since a two-way radio was designed for short-distance communication, a smartphone is an essential piece of a security guard equipment for a quick call.

Flashlight: Although a flashlight may not seem necessary, it’s still important to be equipped with one because certain situations may require some extra light to help you see. Additionally, a flashlight can double as a self-defense device.

First Aid Kit: A first aid kit can make all the difference in some situations. Even a mini first aid kit is perfect for a security guard, for yourself and people in and around the assigned location.

At XpresssGuards, our security guards wear these protective pieces that grant them a higher safety level to respond to threats competently. Contact us now!

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