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How Our Security Guards Stay Healthy and Fit?

Have you ever wondered how security guards stay fit? Health and fitness are synonymous with the performance of a security guard. Guards who are not in good shape will not perform optimally in the tasks assigned to them. Officers in the right mental and physical conditions will deal better with the stress associated with the […]

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What Are the Responsibilities of a Security Guard?

Do you want to hire a security guard and want to know their responsibilities? Are you interested in becoming a security officer? This article focuses on the duties and services expected of a security guard as enumerated below: Be Visible: An authoritative figure can prevent intending criminals from acting and keep people in line. Thus, […]

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Essential Equipment Used by Security Guards

Security guards play an essential role in keeping our environment safe from mischief or criminal activities. More often than not, security guards tend to overlook their safety. Regardless of whether their job is to protect people, property, or assets; being equipped with the right equipment is vital to ensure their safety. Below is a list […]

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Why Some Clients Prefer a Female Bodyguard?

Although the security industry is male-dominated, female bodyguard service has been in high demand lately. The reason for this trend is not far-fetched. From our observation at XpressGuards owing to our years of experience, here are some of the reasons why some clients choose female bodyguards over their male counterparts. Female Bodyguards Draw Les …

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How to Hire A Bodyguard?

Are you a celebrity or a top-ranked personality? Do you find yourself stalked or in dangerous situations, and think you need a bodyguard ? Maybe you have been receiving threat letters, or you’re caught up in a legal tussle and feel like you aren’t safe. If your answer is “yes” to one or more of […]

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Do You Actually Need a Security Guard?

At XpressGuards , we believe it is vital to identify the need for a security guard before taking a step to hire one. Establishing some important facts will guide us, at XpressGuards, to suggest the best level and form of security guard you need. By doing this, you get the best team for the job, […]

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