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ATM and Bank Deposit Security

Financial institutions are vulnerable to robbery. Traditional bank robberies continue to be a source of concern for financial institutions. Between the first quarters of 2014 and 2020, there were around 7000 bank robberies in the United States, according to FBI crime statistics. Bank robberies have resurfaced as a more common crime, often accompanied by violence.

Because bank accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), a certain level of security is required to maintain FDIC compliance. Banks are implementing high definition motion detecting color cameras, time-locked vault doors, silent alarms, tear gas and dye packs, bait money, and GPS tracking devices, in addition to armed security officers.

Armed officers at XpressGuards receive in-house training on all aspects of firearm use and safety. All armed officers must successfully complete a forty-hour state training program that includes firearm proficiency. All armed officers must also successfully complete re-qualification training and testing, as well as be thoroughly trained on your bank’s specific incident response policies.

Armed Security Guards

Hiring armed officers from XpressGuards will provide employees and visitors with peace of mind. Our ATM escorts ensure that the technicians servicing your ATMs work in a safe and secure environment. This allows the technician to service the equipment safely while also getting the ATM machine up and running as soon as possible. Our security guards can protect you during:

  • Replenishment of Cash
  • In case of an emergency Replenishment of Cash
  • Machine Balancing in First Line Maintenance (FLM)
  • At any time, ATM repair technicians or bank employees may request armed escorts

We can also handle all types of bank deposits with either armed or unarmed guards. We always guarantee same-day cash deposits, so your money can start working for you right away. Your funds are transferred directly from your organization to your bank. Never exchange hands, go to a sorting center, or be held for a bulk deposit with other businesses.

Services for Light Metering

Our cutting-edge Light Meter Reading technology allows for accurate testing and measuring of light in a variety of settings, including bank ATMs, offices, factory settings, schools, or in stairwells and emergency exits, ambient light testing, security areas, parking lots, and many others.

Security When Using ATMs

The cooperation of both the bank and the customer is required to ensure that ATM crimes are kept to a minimum. The customer is responsible for safeguarding the PIN and exercising caution when using the ATM. Customers are given basic safety tips in the form of standard brochures. Among these suggestions are:

  • Keeping your PIN private, including not writing it down
  • Being conscious of your surroundings
  • Parking in a well-lit location
  • Examine the surroundings and, if anything appears suspicious, do not use that ATM
  • Cash is not displayed

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