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Loss prevention security guards are employed by a company to reduce damage, theft, and wastage in a business. Loss prevention is put in place to preserve a company’s profits by reducing certain risks.

Loss prevention serves to protect a company’s assets and ensures that all processes that ensure that are in order. For example, loss prevention in retail stores involves preventing theft. This is done by monitoring surveillance cameras, walking around the store observing shoppers and keeping an eye on suspicious activities.

These duties are usually performed by a trained security guard whose job is to keep an eye on customers, monitor the cameras, and prevent theft. If a security guard notices that a customer has stolen something, they may call the police and detain that customer until the police arrive.

Fire Loss Prevention

Fire loss prevention, on the other hand, involves ensuring that all fire safety equipment is working properly (fire alarms, pumps, sprinklers). It also involves regular inspections of the worksite to check for fire hazards, planning emergency responses, and performing drills to prepare for the unexpected. It also involves implementing fire watch services when necessary.

A serious fire outbreak or frequent thefts in retail stores can put your business at great risk. Loss prevention methods help a company reduce potential losses.

Prevention is always better than having to deal with serious damage that could put you out of business. If you want to minimize the risks, contact a reputable security agency to create a custom loss prevention solution for your business. XpressGuards is an experienced and highly-trained team of security agents that can help you minimize the damage and preserve profit.

We can create a loss prevention plan to suit the specific needs of your business. Contact us now.

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