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Fire watch service is provided by highly-trained guards whose job is to patrol your property or business and identify fire hazards. They check a building looking for fire hazards and so that these hazards can be handled and fire outbreaks prevented.

Fire watch security guards are usually hired on construction sites since these are dangerous places with many fire hazards. They are also hired in situations such as when the alarm system in a building isn’t working properly or if another piece of equipment is broken and may put employees in danger.

Fire Watch Guard Patrol

In such situations when a fire alarm is broken or another problem occurs, a fire watch security guard’s job is to patrol the area and ensure that both employees and the property are protected until the equipment is functional again.

The duties of fire watch security guards include:

  • Patrolling the premises/building at regular intervals (in shifts);
  • Watching out for fire hazards/identifying potential problems that may cause a fire outbreak such as faulty equipment;
  • Keep a record after every patrol/shift to document any relevant information about fire hazards;
  • Performing a check-up of all the equipment relevant for fire safety (fire monitoring system, fire suppression equipment);
  • Taking action in case of a fire outbreak to minimize the damage and protect the occupants: a fire watch guard contacts the fire department and provides them with relevant information

Having a fire watch guard in place is highly important for the safety of employees as well as for minimizing property damage and losses. A trained, experienced fire watch guard can identify potential fire hazards and thus save lives.

Fire watch guards are also important for minimizing liability. For example, many governments require you to have a fire watch guard on a construction site until the work is completed. This minimizes your liability. Contact us now for more information.

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