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There’s more to being a security guard than just standing around and looking imposing. An effective security guard is alert, observant, and able to think on their feet. They’re also customer service oriented and have excellent communication skills. Here are the top five skills every security guard should have.

1. Observation Skills

A security guard’s most important duty is to maintain a vigilant lookout for anything out of the ordinary. This requires paying attention to both their surroundings and the people within them. Good security guards know how to spot potential problems and diffuse them before they escalate.

2. Communication Skills

Effective security guards aren’t just good observers but also excellent communicators. They need to be able to give clear and concise instructions when necessary and diffuse tense situations with tact and diplomacy. In some cases, they may even need to mediate between two parties.

3. Customer Service Skills

Security guards are often the face of their organization, which means they need good customer service skills. This involves everything from greeting customers and providing directions to professionally handling complaints.

4. Physical Fitness

Most security guards will be required to do some light physical activity, such as patrolling an area on foot or crewing a station for long periods. As such, they must be in good physical shape and able to perform these duties without becoming exhausted or winded too easily.

5. Quick Thinking Skills

No matter how well-trained or experienced a security guard is, there will always be times when they’re required to think on their feet and make split-second decisions. This could involve anything from Diffusing a volatile situation to responding quickly to an emergency. Effective security guards can stay calm under pressure and make sound decisions even when things are happening rapidly around them.


While many different skills can come in handy for security guards, these five skills are essential for anyone looking to enter this field. Whether you’re just starting out or have been working as a security guard for years, honing these skills will help you be the best at your job. Learn more about our security guard company and security services by contacting us now.

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