security guards

The primary function of a security guard is to ensure the protection of a person and/or building. Their duty is to keep the property safe by identifying potential threats and eliminating them. This means taking a range of steps to eliminate danger and protect the client.

A security guard keeps a close eye on who enters or leaves the building and stays vigilant at all times. If they notice something funny going on, they take immediate steps to prevent any harm to your employees or damage to your property. This is their primary duty, to act to prevent danger and alleviate the damage if a crisis does occur. How do they achieve this?

A security professional performs a range of tasks to protect the client. Not all security guards have the same tasks as this depends on the security needs of a client. Typically, a security guard tasks include the following:

  • Patrolling the property and monitoring the surroundings while keeping an eye on suspicious activities and hazards
  • Limiting access to the property preventing unauthorized persons from entering
  • Checking whether all the doors are locked
  • Monitoring the surveillance system to look for any suspicious activities
  • Being alert and paying attention to incidents. If they notice something off such as a broken surveillance camera, they will report it immediately and ensure the problem is fixed
  • Documenting their observations. Security guards keep logs of their patrols and document everything they notice. This can help future investigations if needed.
  • Ensuring that all the precautionary safety measures are taken to protect yourself, your employees, and your property
  • Contacting the fire department or the police department for help if necessary
  • Arresting offenders if needed and waiting for the authorities to take it over from there

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