security guards

It’s not simple to answer this question because the cost of bodyguard services depends on several factors. A security guard company must first assess your situation, analyze the risks, and decide what kind of services you need before setting a price.

As we said, the cost of hiring a bodyguard depends on several things such as:

1. The threat level you’re experiencing. Low-risk protection and high-risk protection services differ in prices, naturally. If you only need a security system to be installed and a security officer to patrol the area, the price will not be as high as in high-risk situations where a team of officers must work together to protect you.

2. The duration of the protection. For how long do you require the services of a personal bodyguard? Is it a one-time thing, a 24/7 protection or do you require a personal bodyguard to accompany you to concerts and public appearances? The price of the service depends on this factor as well so a security company can’t give you a fixed number without knowing the details.

3. How many bodyguards do you need? Is it a one-man job or do you require several bodyguards to accompany you and ensure your protection? This must also be considered when thinking about the price of security guard services.

4. Scope of the protection plan. What will the protection services include (the scope of the plan) depends on your needs, threat level, etc. The more complex the task is and the bigger the scope of work, the higher the price.

But that’s not all. Other factors that impact the price of bodyguard services include location, skills required, equipment needed for the job, etc.

If you need a bodyguard and want to know how much it would cost you, contact us to discuss the details and we’ll give you a quote.

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