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A bodyguard (or close protection officer) is a type of security guard, government law enforcement officer, or soldier who protects a person or a group of people – usually high-ranking public officials or officers, wealthy people, and celebrities — from danger: generally theft, assault, kidnapping, assassination, harassment, loss of confidential information, threats, or other criminal offences. The personnel team that protects a VIP is often referred to as the VIP’s security detail.

The best bodyguard in the world never has to act. If a bodyguard has to take action – for example because a director is attacked by a fired employee – then he has failed. It is the task of a bodyguard to adjust the environment in such a way that the risk of danger is as low as possible. If a customer can safely do their daily activities, a bodyguard does its job well.

Of course, incidents sometimes happen. If a bodyguard detects an immediate threat, he or she will intervene. A bodyguard makes every effort to protect the customer and his family members.

What Are The Qualities of a Bodyguard?

A bodyguard must perform well under pressure, especially when there is a crisis. In addition, it is important that a bodyguard communicates well with a customer and is willing to work long-term and irregularly. A good bodyguard is able to maintain self-control, even in difficult situations. Finally, a bodyguard is discreet and service oriented.

Who Protects a Bodyguard?

These are often CEOs, pop stars, politicians, business leaders or other well-known people. People with a lot of money, power and prestige are vulnerable and are threatened more often than the average person. If a person is being stalked, threatened or intimidated, he or she can temporarily engage a bodyguard. Even when business-people go to high risk areas, a bodyguard often accompanies them. Contact us today for more information about our bodyguard security.

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