covid 19 security guards

With the advent of the Coronavirus, businesses are seeing the need for a heightened security presence. Now more than ever, security companies are being called upon to deliver uninterrupted service. Security guards are also expected to practice situational awareness to maintain security and safety.

At XPressGuards, we are available to assist retail, medical and commercial businesses who need our help. Our additional support will include help with crowd control, particularly in the area of maintaining social distancing. Here are some of the ways we are traversing “the new normal”.

Specially Certified Guards

We have a pool of well-trained guards to ensure service and shift continuity which our customers expect. We provide specialized training, when needed, to ensure our guards can effectively deal with situations during this pandemic.

Clear Communication Lines

Unclear understanding of what is needed could compromise a guard’s safety as well as the safety of others. We maintain clear lines of communication with local, state and federal agencies that assist in identifying, mitigating or preventing any potential safety and security risks.

Remote Supervision

We allow guards to work from a remote location for clients that do not require on-site security. We also have supervisors manage our personnel who are required at on-site locations to maintain social distancing and reduce exposure.

Financial Robustness

We are prepared to handle any financial fallouts due to delayed payments from our clients. We understand the financial challenges that businesses are experiencing at this time. If any of our clients has been adversely affected, we are willing to discuss their particular situation with them.

We are all in the fight to win the battle against the pandemic of this century. At XPressGuards, we’ll take the time to go the extra step to help you maintain safe operations during this time. Call or message us today.

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