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Basic Obligations and Responsibilities

There are many tasks that you have when it comes to what an unarmed security guard does on a regular basis. The fundamental responsibility of an unarmed security guard, however, is to prevent a criminal from breaking into a building or other structure. The primary distinction between a regular security guard and an unarmed one lies in the fact that he or she is armed.  In addition, some security guards often carry pepper spray and/or stun guns, which are normally not permitted in most public areas for an unarmed person to carry.

Other roles you can find yourself doing as an unarmed security guard include helping to manage crowds. Armed security guards typically aim only to discourage violence, not to arrest suspects. Having their presence in a particular area gives potential victims a certain degree of protection. Often, in important buildings, armed security guards play the role of gate keepers. They are there to make sure everybody gets inside or that nobody enters without permission. You might also be working as a security guard on a part-time basis if you work for a private private security company.

When You’re Not Working Security

There are times when you will take on a position that requires you not being a security officer and to do something else. For starters, to support individuals, you may need to assist with any of a number of tasks. For somebody, you may need to clean up, provide CPR to someone who has been injured, or assist with other tasks outside your work. Contact us for more information.

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