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There are several different types of security. The most common are object security and event security, but there are a few more. In this article, the different types of security are explained in more detail.

Object Security

The term object security already explains a bit about what it is. In short, it is the protection of objects. In 99% of the cases, such an object is a building. Buildings require security for a variety of reasons. Think of security to ward off burglars or security to ward off unwanted people. An object protector takes care of one or more buildings. Often the opening and closing of the object is done by a security guard. The security guard also conducts patrols when the building is closed. The security guard does this because thieves often hit the office as offices have all kinds of valuable electronics.

Event Security

Event security is simply the security of events. Events are all kinds of occasions where a large number of people come together. You can think of sports events such as football matches but also music events such as concerts. An event security guard ensures with his or her team that an event is properly managed. The event security guard is a host, and at the same time also a security guard.

Personal Security

Of course, the term personal security already reveals its’ content. It’s all about protecting people. These are often important people as politicians or famous people, but can also be of “ordinary” citizens. There are two different ways in which the security guards work. For example, they can visibly accompany a person in uniform, but it is also possible that they are present in civilian clothes. A personal security guard usually takes care of protecting those who need it. You can think of members of the royal house, famous stars, controversial politicians, or high-ranking diplomats. Contact us for more information about our security guard services.

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